Bruce Campbell Reprises His Role of Ash in a Starz Series This Fall

For anyone who loves horror movies with an edge you may immediately think of Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, or Friday the 13th, but one franchise helped to bring a little humor to the horror genre. That’s right, we’re talking about the Evil Dead. According to Brad Reifler, Bruce Campbell built his career on his unique character that just couldn’t win against the hordes of the dead. But that’s just the thing. His career isn’t over yet.

This fall, the boomstick-carrying bad boy Ash is going to hit Starz in the new series Ash vs. Evil Dead. The first 10-episode season goes into the future 30 years after the events of Army of Darkness. Ash failed to stop the Evil Dead, and lives in a world he himself created. In fact, Ash hasn’t really changed at all. He’s still a bum, only this time he’s got some help from his coworkers at the Value Stop Pablo and Kelly. Here’s hoping they’ve got street smarts or something useful to contribute, because Ash has a chainsaw arm. Pretty hard to fight against that.

After an invasion of the Evil Dead, Ash has to grab his gear and go out with a final bang. Will he finally come to terms with the errors of his past? Will the Evil Dead ever stop? Find out this fall just how hardcore Ash can get in his final battle against the hordes of the possessed.

The Real Life Love Story

The Notebook, Time Traveler’s Wife, and The Vow, are all novels of fiction that are crazy enough to have never happened. That is until present day. There is now a reported case of a marriage that has just taken place between a couple who, for the second time have attempted to get married. This is happening for the second time because, just like in the novels, the woman had suffered from amnesia from a car crash.

In Bristol, a man and his fiance have finally renewed their vows. The catch is is that they are getting married for the second time due to a car accident. Alexei Beltyukov has learned that the wife had been in a car accident and had completely forgotten about her past wedding sue to the amnesia. His wife had barely survived the accident which had occurred 19 days after their first wedding.

The husband, Jerry Stamper, had then taken action to start a crowd-fundraising page in order to raise money for a second wedding, one the she could remember. With a goal of about 5,000 dollars, they have reached about half of that. Stamper wants to do this for his already wife so that she can at least have the memory of their wedding. August 1st is their set date which although is coming up soon, will be a spectacular even to attend for both the couple as well as the audience.

Channing Tatum Talks About Gambit Role

Early this morning, Thursday, July 2, Screen Rant reported that Channing Tatum has been struggling to find the “right” accent for the character Gambit in the character origin film of the same name.

According to Ivan Ong and Tatum, in an interview with DigitalSpy, explained that he never just picks a “generic” accent when acting. Instead, he looks for someone who has the accent he believes will work best. He has not yet found that person or accent.

Some fans of Taylor Kitsch’s performance as Gambit have pointed out that Kitsch did not seem to have a problem with finding the right one. Perhaps, Tatum needs to watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine for some inspiration?

Tatum also hinted that he will not be wearing the more vibrant and flashy colors that Gambit is known for in the comic books, as he feels that there needs to be a connection to “reality.”

There have been critics in the past who have argued that Tatum tries to control things like costumes and dialogue in movie roles far too much. Over the last week, there has been some speculation that the male-only Ghostbusters film is no longer being talked about because Tatum gave his input that the film should not be released, or even put into production, at the same time as the female-only one.

It remains to be seen what will happen with Gambit.

The Remarkable and Distinguished Haidar Barbouti

An Above Average Career
Haidar Barbouti is a distinguished individual with an impressive and above average career. The highlight of his career has been focused in real estate and numerous property investments. This would also include the United States. His property investments has been all through the entire world. Haidar Barbouti has been the driving force within his families real estate investments.

A Man with Experience
Haidar Barbouti is a man with a wealth of experience to offer the world. He has well over 20 years experience within the professional business world. He is known as a leader in Texas. Mr. Barbouti had obtained a shopping center in Houston. This is considered to be historic center. He holds the function of being responsible for 150 million dollars worth of property. He leases this retail property. He is well involved in the negotiations of the leases. Experience and Haidar Barbouti are a great combination in Texas. His involvement in real estate began in 1986.

Mr. Barbouti had obtained his education at Columbia University. His experience in real estate investments and his education and his long list of responsibilities and experience have earned him his credentials. His responsibilities also include portfolio management and restructure in the Highland Village Center. The numerous real estate operations and investments have offered many a wealth of knowledge. This is an individual with a long list of credentials.

Children, Animals and Kind Acts
Haidar Barbouti is not just about business and his career. He has a soft spot for children as well as animals. He is known all over Houston for his kind and generous acts. He has such a tender spot for the vulnerable that he even donated retail space for the creation of Highland Village Adoption center. This is for animals. This is a man who is highly remarkable in his professional life and a man of compassion.

#Ask Tag Bad for Brand

On Monday, June 29, Fifty Shades of Grey’s E.L. James decided to offer her fans a chance at “chatting” with her on Twitter and started with the tag #AskELJames.

This is not the first celebrity account to ever put the #Ask tag on Twitter. It is also not the first time that using the tag has backfired horribly:

In E.L. James’ case, Twitter users began asking her questions designed to point out some of what many critics have referred to as sincerely bad parts of her book that cast women in a submissive light and seem to promote things like workplace harassment.

Fans like Jim Dondero ( agree that James should have done her research before using the tag. The creative folks at The CW probably could have warned her about why it is one of the worse tags to use on Twitter: Twitter users often use #Ask as a social protest tag.

When The CW promoted the #AskSupernatural tag it backfired so badly that they had to pull the original tweet. Fans and critics of the show kept firing off hundreds of questions about why Supernatural’s writers and cast seemed to be increasingly promoting with every season stereotypes, discrimination and other issues, such as queerbaiting, misogyny and racism.

Unless a work is loved by everyone and has no negative aspects to it at all, a creative is “asking” for bad publicity by using the #Ask tag.

Netflix Is Taking a Bite Out of Cable Company’s Business

Netflix has been making inroads into the market share typically enjoyed by traditional cable TV service providers. If a company is looking for an industry to challenge by offering services in an innovative manner, they couldn’t pick a better industry to go up against than the major cable companies. These companies, such as Time Warner Cable and Comcast, consistently finish among the worst businesses across America in customer satisfaction surveys. It is estimated that if Netflix were rated like a television network by Nielsen, they would currently be as big as a major network like ABC or NBC stated Eric Pulier. 

Millennials are driving the growth of this online streaming media service because they want the convenience of watching what they want when they want. The dated model of having to spread television shows out over a season in order to line up and sell advertising space on networks just can’t compete with Netflix’ subscription service model where people can download and watch an entire season of a show over a weekend and be talking about it with their co-workers around the water cooler on Monday morning. It turns that people cutting the cord and subscribing to services like Netflix to watch their movies and shows their way was not just a passing fad and poses a serious threat to the entrenched cable monopoly. What’s more, based on how they seem to treat their customers, apparently no one will miss them.

Marvel to Run the Spider-Man Show for Sony

When Marvel and Sony decided to join together to reboot Spider-Man, no one really understood how the joint venture is going to work out. Sony owns the movie rights to Spider-Man so Marvel is limited in how it can influence the studio. Or, is it? Recently, Marvel Studios head, Kevin Feige, shed some light on how the two production houses are going to work together to restore the wall-crawler to cinematic greatness.

Basically, Marvel is going to do the heavy lifting and produce the solo Spider-Man film for Sony. What that means is Sony is putting the money up and handling the distribution and Marvel is being “hired” to produce the feature.

Marvel originally wanted the rights back since it felt Sony was ruining the character. Fans like Sam Tabar have found that Sony knew The Amazing Spider-Man films were botch jobs, but was not going to give up the rights to the character. Instead, Sony reached an agreement with Marvel to “share” Spider-Man and help rehab his fallen star. (BTW – While disappointing, The Amazing Spider-Man films did do extremely well at the box office)

Marvel could, if it wished, import its own cinematic characters into the Sony film. Whether or not Marvel actually is going to do that remains to be seen. Truthfully, it would be best to allow Spider-Man to gain his own identity without having to share scenes with other Marvel heroes. Yet, Marvel could bring another hero in for a cameo to help boost the box office – not that doing so would be necessary.

Come To Skout And See What You Can Find

The Skout network caters to anyone who wants to be on the network. Unlike certain dating websites that only allow a specific demographic of people on the site, Skout allows anyone who wants to join. As long as a person is at least 18 years old, they are free to join the Skout network. The fact that Skout is an open network, and everyone is allowed to join, it means that anyone can find love. Some feel that they have to join a dating site that is for elderly persons, and this doesn’t have to be the case. Even elderly persons can find love on Skout.

If there is love for any and everyone on the Skout network, then everyone should join. Skout boasts a network of over 200 million people, and those that are on the network, they are some of the coolest people around. Many people join Skout just so they can meet other people, even if it doesn’t lead to romance. Skout is such a diverse network that many have recruited their friends to join the network as well. Skout is a fun place to talk to others as well as talking about the things that a person did in throughout the day.

For those who like to have fun, why not join Skout and share information about what’s going on in life? Those who are looking for love, they can conduct a search for a love interest, and who knows what they will find. If a person is very specific about what type of love interest they’re looking for, it’s very possible for them to find the love of a lifetime on Skout. Many relationships have been forged on the Skout network, and many people have been happy with what they find on the network. Some prefer Skout to other websites because they have found love on Skout.

Statistics show that there are many different demographics and ages of people on the Skout network. Although Skout is frequented by persons ages 20-40, even people over 40-year-old, they also use the Skout network. Skout is used by everyone to find love, friendship, or socialization. Since there are so many different things to do on the Skout network, there is no limit to how a person can use the network, or what they can find on the network. Skout has a lot to offer anyone who joins the network, no matter how old they are.

Ewan McGregor Would Gladly Don Obi-Wan’s Cloak Again

The ‘Star Wars’ prequels are probably the most maligned follow ups to any film in the history of the medium. Seriously, and we are including films like ‘Jurassic Park 3′ while considering this topic. Still, whether you loved the films or only found them to be mildly blasphemous there was probably one character you agreed on their portrayal: Obi-Wan Kenobi. Ewan McGregor was the star of the ‘Star Wars’ prequels and his work as Old Ben, before he was old, had us grinning ear to ear for much of the series. Now, with the new ‘Star Wars’ reboot on the horizon McGregor wants in, and can we blame him?

Like we said, no matter what you think of the prequels, they were huge. From a box office reason alone it would make sense for McGregor to want to get back into the franchise. But things are different this time, really. With JJ Abrams at the helm, and no Lucas, there is an aura of freshness permeating the franchise and there is some real hope for greatness coming up — a fresh take on a tired but classic and seminal series.

The leaders of the new ‘Star Wars’ films are also looking to do spinoff origin stories. Right now writes that we have an origin story slated for fan favorite Boba Fett. This willingness to dig into the past could serve McGregor with the perfect origin story film for a young Kenobi in the years between Anakin and Luke.

Mariah Carey Parties On Yacht With Billionaire Boyfriend

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were once a very happy couple, but that has obviously changed. In the past, Nick Cannon supposedly cheated on Mariah Carey, and Mariah had no choice but to breakup with him. Nonetheless, it seems that Mariah Carey has moved on to bigger and better things. In fact, that is definitely true, and Mariah Carey is loving life.

Mariah Carey has been dating billionaire James Packer for the last two months, and the new couple seems to be very happy. TMZ recently posted several new pictures of Mariah and James. Fans will be quite surprised with the outfit that Mariah Carey decided to wear during her date with James Packer. Let’s just say that James Packer got an eye-full, but that is definitely not doing Mariah Carey justice.

Fans like Brad Reifler agree that it seems Mariah Carey is doing her best to impress her billionaire boyfriend, and she pulled out the big guns for him. Mariah Carey wore a very revealing top, and I’m sure that James Packer did not mind. I’m wondering if Nick Cannon is upset right now, and I think that all of Mariah Carey’s ex’s should be. Not only is Mariah Carey one of the best singers of all time, but she also has an incredible body. Will James Packer be the man that Mariah Carey finally settles down with?