Franco, Started From Mcdonald’s Now He’s Here

James Franco has always been somewhat of a heart throb. He’s been seen in movies on the big screen across the world. He’s caused many of us to laugh, and many of us to swoon over his good looks and perfect hair. At one point in his life, that perfect hair was in a hair net. One that specifically belongs to McDonald’s.

Franco found it tough to break into the Hollywood scene which is hard to imagine, but luckily one gig scooped him up. That gig was McDonald’s! Now years later, he’s the spokesperson for them and he’s offered up a few tips and words of advice about the joint.

According to Grub Street
Franco describes just how unpleasant it was to wait on parents with large groups of kids. After all, the kids are barking orders, the mom is barking orders, and everyone is getting frustrated. He goes onto explain that even worse was the sports teams. After all, that’s like a family but exemplified. Can you imagine the horror and stress of trying to get all those orders right?

Franco of course wasn’t always perfect, there was a time or two when he forgot to take the mustard off someones burger and he would get yelled at according to psychologist Daniel Amen. His words to those people who shamed him are now relax it was just a dollar for a burger.

I think we can all learn a lesson from Franco and that is to treat your fast food employees a little nicer. After all, who knows when they could end up as a movie star?

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