#Ask Tag Bad for Brand

On Monday, June 29, Fifty Shades of Grey’s E.L. James decided to offer her fans a chance at “chatting” with her on Twitter and started with the tag #AskELJames.

This is not the first celebrity account to ever put the #Ask tag on Twitter. It is also not the first time that using the tag has backfired horribly:

In E.L. James’ case, Twitter users began asking her questions designed to point out some of what many critics have referred to as sincerely bad parts of her book that cast women in a submissive light and seem to promote things like workplace harassment.

Fans like Jim Dondero (bloomberg.com) agree that James should have done her research before using the tag. The creative folks at The CW probably could have warned her about why it is one of the worse tags to use on Twitter: Twitter users often use #Ask as a social protest tag.

When The CW promoted the #AskSupernatural tag it backfired so badly that they had to pull the original tweet. Fans and critics of the show kept firing off hundreds of questions about why Supernatural’s writers and cast seemed to be increasingly promoting with every season stereotypes, discrimination and other issues, such as queerbaiting, misogyny and racism.

Unless a work is loved by everyone and has no negative aspects to it at all, a creative is “asking” for bad publicity by using the #Ask tag.

Netflix Is Taking a Bite Out of Cable Company’s Business

Netflix has been making inroads into the market share typically enjoyed by traditional cable TV service providers. If a company is looking for an industry to challenge by offering services in an innovative manner, they couldn’t pick a better industry to go up against than the major cable companies. These companies, such as Time Warner Cable and Comcast, consistently finish among the worst businesses across America in customer satisfaction surveys. It is estimated that if Netflix were rated like a television network by Nielsen, they would currently be as big as a major network like ABC or NBC stated Eric Pulier. 

Millennials are driving the growth of this online streaming media service because they want the convenience of watching what they want when they want. The dated model of having to spread television shows out over a season in order to line up and sell advertising space on networks just can’t compete with Netflix’ subscription service model where people can download and watch an entire season of a show over a weekend and be talking about it with their co-workers around the water cooler on Monday morning. It turns that people cutting the cord and subscribing to services like Netflix to watch their movies and shows their way was not just a passing fad and poses a serious threat to the entrenched cable monopoly. What’s more, based on how they seem to treat their customers, apparently no one will miss them.

Marvel to Run the Spider-Man Show for Sony

When Marvel and Sony decided to join together to reboot Spider-Man, no one really understood how the joint venture is going to work out. Sony owns the movie rights to Spider-Man so Marvel is limited in how it can influence the studio. Or, is it? Recently, Marvel Studios head, Kevin Feige, shed some light on how the two production houses are going to work together to restore the wall-crawler to cinematic greatness.

Basically, Marvel is going to do the heavy lifting and produce the solo Spider-Man film for Sony. What that means is Sony is putting the money up and handling the distribution and Marvel is being “hired” to produce the feature.

Marvel originally wanted the rights back since it felt Sony was ruining the character. Fans like Sam Tabar have found that Sony knew The Amazing Spider-Man films were botch jobs, but was not going to give up the rights to the character. Instead, Sony reached an agreement with Marvel to “share” Spider-Man and help rehab his fallen star. (BTW – While disappointing, The Amazing Spider-Man films did do extremely well at the box office)

Marvel could, if it wished, import its own cinematic characters into the Sony film. Whether or not Marvel actually is going to do that remains to be seen. Truthfully, it would be best to allow Spider-Man to gain his own identity without having to share scenes with other Marvel heroes. Yet, Marvel could bring another hero in for a cameo to help boost the box office – not that doing so would be necessary.

Come To Skout And See What You Can Find

The Skout network caters to anyone who wants to be on the network. Unlike certain dating websites that only allow a specific demographic of people on the site, Skout allows anyone who wants to join. As long as a person is at least 18 years old, they are free to join the Skout network. The fact that Skout is an open network, and everyone is allowed to join, it means that anyone can find love. Some feel that they have to join a dating site that is for elderly persons, and this doesn’t have to be the case. Even elderly persons can find love on Skout.

If there is love for any and everyone on the Skout network, then everyone should join. Skout boasts a network of over 200 million people, and those that are on the network, they are some of the coolest people around. Many people join Skout just so they can meet other people, even if it doesn’t lead to romance. Skout is such a diverse network that many have recruited their friends to join the network as well. Skout is a fun place to talk to others as well as talking about the things that a person did in throughout the day.

For those who like to have fun, why not join Skout and share information about what’s going on in life? Those who are looking for love, they can conduct a search for a love interest, and who knows what they will find. If a person is very specific about what type of love interest they’re looking for, it’s very possible for them to find the love of a lifetime on Skout. Many relationships have been forged on the Skout network, and many people have been happy with what they find on the network. Some prefer Skout to other websites because they have found love on Skout.

Statistics show that there are many different demographics and ages of people on the Skout network. Although Skout is frequented by persons ages 20-40, even people over 40-year-old, they also use the Skout network. Skout is used by everyone to find love, friendship, or socialization. Since there are so many different things to do on the Skout network, there is no limit to how a person can use the network, or what they can find on the network. Skout has a lot to offer anyone who joins the network, no matter how old they are.

Ewan McGregor Would Gladly Don Obi-Wan’s Cloak Again

The ‘Star Wars’ prequels are probably the most maligned follow ups to any film in the history of the medium. Seriously, and we are including films like ‘Jurassic Park 3′ while considering this topic. Still, whether you loved the films or only found them to be mildly blasphemous there was probably one character you agreed on their portrayal: Obi-Wan Kenobi. Ewan McGregor was the star of the ‘Star Wars’ prequels and his work as Old Ben, before he was old, had us grinning ear to ear for much of the series. Now, with the new ‘Star Wars’ reboot on the horizon McGregor wants in, and can we blame him?

Like we said, no matter what you think of the prequels, they were huge. From a box office reason alone it would make sense for McGregor to want to get back into the franchise. But things are different this time, really. With JJ Abrams at the helm, and no Lucas, there is an aura of freshness permeating the franchise and there is some real hope for greatness coming up — a fresh take on a tired but classic and seminal series.

The leaders of the new ‘Star Wars’ films are also looking to do spinoff origin stories. Right now About.me writes that we have an origin story slated for fan favorite Boba Fett. This willingness to dig into the past could serve McGregor with the perfect origin story film for a young Kenobi in the years between Anakin and Luke.

Mariah Carey Parties On Yacht With Billionaire Boyfriend

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were once a very happy couple, but that has obviously changed. In the past, Nick Cannon supposedly cheated on Mariah Carey, and Mariah had no choice but to breakup with him. Nonetheless, it seems that Mariah Carey has moved on to bigger and better things. In fact, that is definitely true, and Mariah Carey is loving life.

Mariah Carey has been dating billionaire James Packer for the last two months, and the new couple seems to be very happy. TMZ recently posted several new pictures of Mariah and James. Fans will be quite surprised with the outfit that Mariah Carey decided to wear during her date with James Packer. Let’s just say that James Packer got an eye-full, but that is definitely not doing Mariah Carey justice.

Fans like Brad Reifler agree that it seems Mariah Carey is doing her best to impress her billionaire boyfriend, and she pulled out the big guns for him. Mariah Carey wore a very revealing top, and I’m sure that James Packer did not mind. I’m wondering if Nick Cannon is upset right now, and I think that all of Mariah Carey’s ex’s should be. Not only is Mariah Carey one of the best singers of all time, but she also has an incredible body. Will James Packer be the man that Mariah Carey finally settles down with?

Marvel Interested in Branagh for “Thor: Ragnarok” Director

After the success of 2008’s “Iron Man” resurrected Hollywood’s interest in comic book projects, Marvel Studios dashed to create “Phase 1″ of the MCU. Fans like Brad Reifler know that this led to a second film for Iron Man and solo films for Captain America, Thor, and The Incredible Hulk.

For its Thor film, Marvel bankrolled Kenneth Branagh to direct due to the comic book character’s propensity for speaking in Old English and Branagh’s admiration of Shakespeare’s work. When “Thor: The Dark World” was being developed, Marvel switched to using Alan Taylor, whom had more experience with HBO’s “Game of Thrones” television series. With Taylor’s discontinued involvement with Marvel Studios, Branagh may be returning to the director’s chair for “Thor: Ragnarok.”

While Marvel is interested in rehiring Branagh for their Marvel Cinematic Universe, Branagh has also been offered a shot at 20th Century Fox’s “Murder on the Orient Express. This could result in a scheduling conflict and force Marvel to look elsewhere to direct the Odinson’s third solo film.

Kevin Feige, production boss of Marvel Studios, has stated that events within “Ragnarok” will call for sweeping, massive action sequences that will irrevocably change the realm of Asgard. While “Thor” wasn’t a critical winner and Branagh failed to deliver with “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit,” Branagh’s recent success with “Cinderella” and willingness to work with Marvel again favorably points toward Branagh’s return to directing Chris Hemsworth as the Asgardian god of thunder.

Norman Reedus Says He’s Not Dating His Coworker

Beth and Darrell from the show “The Walking Dead” have been the subject of rumors lately that they are dating in real life. Although Darrell’s character is still in The Walking Dead show, Beth’s character was killed by accident, about midway through the fifth season. Norman Reedus & Emily Kinney. Even Beth was shocked by the fact that her character was going to be killed off, and she only found out right before her character was to be canceled from the show. Emily Kinney, who plays Beth, she had even moved to Atlanta to film the show because she had been on it for several years.

Although Beth and Darrell got very close on the show, there was no romance, but many felt like something had to be happening offscreen. Darrell, who is played by Norman Reedus, he claims that he and Beth have never been an item, and they will not be an item. Many were spreading rumors that the two were dating, and everyone was so excited about it because of the fact that Beth was killed off of the show. Many fans including Christian Broda felt that they could continue seeing the characters in real life, and they’d live out a love connection that wasn’t lived out on screen.

Unfortunately, Norman is not dating Emily, and they both wanted to make this clear. If the two were interested in each other, three years is more than enough time for them to have gotten together onset, but it never happened.

What Will a Possible Hulk Appearance in “Captain America: Civil War” Mean?

After the upcoming “Ant-Man” releasing this July, the next big Marvel movie event will be “Captain America: Civil War.” This will be epic for one of the spinoff movies from the main Avengers films because there will be a lot of the other characters in it. Plot lines for the movie have been rumored for a while now states Ricardo Tosto and as the words “civil war” imply, there will be a big split between the Avengers. Apparently the government will attempt to register anyone with superhuman abilities, and Captain America and Tony Stark, aka Ironman, will be on different sides, and it gets downright violent at some point. Well, given the action-packed nature of Marvel films it will probably get violent at many points.

The latest news is that Mark Ruffalo may actually be joining the cast as the Hulk and his smaller, less green alter-ego Dr. David Banner. It is not known which side he would take in this feud between the heroes and his inclusion is actually not even confirmed yet. However, it is still fun to speculate about which side he would be on. One would think that as a fellow technical and science geek he might have more in common and more of a bond with Tony Stark. Given how these characters have fought together in previous movies, hopefully some type of reconciliation will be made by the end so that they can go back to kicking the ass of bad guys come the next Avengers movie.

Marvel Studios Tweets Congrats to ‘Jurassic World’

Keith Mann just told me that Marvel Studios could have been bitter about ‘Jurassic World’ stealing their box office record. After years of successful films, the studio was thrilled when the original Avengers movie broke box office records for an opening weekend. They managed to hold onto it for about three years. A mere $1.5 million or so gave ‘Jurassic World’ the reigning title.

Instead of bitterness, Kevin Fage, the head of Marvel Studios, extended his congratulations to the Jurassic franchise at Universal studios by tweeting Steven Spielberg, Frank Marshall, Colin Trevorrow, and Chris Pratt.

At this point, ‘Jurassic World’ is the third highest grossing movie of 2015, quite an achievement in its first week. One of the top two movies is the latest Avengers movie, ‘Age of Ultron.’ Chances are pretty good that it will be able to surpass the gross revenues for theatrical run, giving it an edge over two Marvel Studios movies. Congrats need to go back to Fage for taking the high road in acknowledging his biggest competitor.