Chesea Handler Ready to Take Drug Trip for New Netflix Series

You either love her or you hate her, but funny woman Chelsea Handler wouldn’t care what you think, and hey, the comedian made it to Forbes’ Women’s Summit this year. So we are impressed by this best-selling author.

Chelsea brought her unique brand of humor to the big event in New York City, chatting with the likes of Steve Forbes and reminding him that she could have stayed at the E! channel and pocketed $10 million a year for the next five years, but chose to do something smarter. Flavio Maluf admires her for that.

Chelsea headed to NetFlix where she begins her new series soon. She is happy there and is excited to be developing a four-episode docu-comedy for Netflix, according to

Chelsea says the mini-series will cover subjects like racism and even hallucinogenic drugs, which she claims she will imbibe in. The stand-up star also gave advise to the hundreds of women present at the summit, suggesting to never give up, work hard and be patient:

“When I do something, I try to do it really hard. I want to be the person that’s known to work the hardest,” Chelsea revealed.

“There are women who are more successful than me and there are more coming up, she added. “There’s room for everyone; it’s not just one person.”

As raucous as she is, Chelsea remains extremely popular with a Twitter following of 5.7 million.

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