D’Angelo Charges Full Steam Ahead

D’Angelo – if anyone had to guess before last year – was done. QuestLove was constantly taking about how the CD for D’Angelo was finished, but no one had heard anything. He had been away for so long people wondered if he even had anything relevant to say. It would be in December 2014 when fans would wake up happy to the triumphantreturn of D’Angelo. He is someone that has managed to become the comeback kid that picked up right where he left off.

To say that he is still the same, however, is not totally accurate. There certainly are areas where the “Black Messiah” CD could be considered Neo-soul, but the new D’Angelo is much more than that. He has always had a big time desire to engage in music that was funky. He picked up Jesse Johnson from “The Time” and covered quite a bit of new ground. Last time that D’Angelo was hot, people thought that he was sounding a lot like Prince. This time around he is sounding more like a combination of Prince and other older groups like The Ohio Players says Marcio Alaor BMG.

What fans will notice about Michael “D’Angelo” Archer is that he is conscious of what is going on. He has been watching the news. He is also more convicted by his upbringing in a home with a minister for a parent so there are no explicit lyrics.

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