I found Love While Online Dating

Online dating can bring you one step closer to the love of your life. Every year couples around the world say that dating websites have brought them together and many go on to marry, and have long successful relationships. It seems that these days, with life being so busy, and little to no time to actually get out and meet people, finding love in new and more convenient ways is becoming the answer to everyone’s problem. You can’t turn on the television without countless commercials singing the praises of one dating site or another, and it leaves many wondering if online dating is better than finding love the old fashion way.

A Huffington post article recently argued that while online dating may seen like the best option, there are many negative sides to finding love on the internet. One of the articles arguments was that even with all of the fine tuning offered via most site’s intake questionnaires, it is still very hard to know if what you see is what you get once you meet your potential match. They insist that studies have shown that often times unrealistic expectations that a person forms of a mate after weeks of interaction solely online, simply do not make the cut once you get to know the person in real life.

Another claim in the article by Huffington Post is that because of the huge selection of potential matches a person is offered online, it becomes nearly impossible for them to settle on just one person. The user is left wondering if they made the right choice, or it any of the other thousands of matches would have been a better fit. Having the option to endlessly browse the profiles of people that meet your criteria tends to make a person pickier than usual and harder to please, something as simple as a bad profile photo can send the love of your life running in the opposite direction.

I personally understand that online dating isn’t a foolproof option to finding true love, however I find Huffington’s article flawed. I had the pleasure of meeting an amazing man on a dating site called Anastasia Date, and we could not be a better fit. I was able to meet the man of my dreams and we have been going strong date after date. Not one of the issues mentioned in Huffington’s article has ever happened to me on Anastasia Date, not only are my boyfriend and I compatible as lovers, but he turned out to be my best friend. When looking for love, whether online or in person it is important to keep and open heart and an open mind, when you are ready love is impossible to miss.

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