Is Flipora the Wave of the Future?

Flipora is a smart search engine that suggests websites for you based on your recent search history. But what makes Flipora different is that it returns relevant results based on the users’ browsing history, plus it recommends new pages at the same time.
Flipora is based on the idea that artificial intelligence can offer a new and better way for users to locate their desired content.
The new use of artificial intelligence has the potential to eventually replace search engines as the number one way to search for information online. The idea that Flipora could be the dawn of something revolutionary like Paypal and Google is attracting more and more investment partners. Among the new backers are Gokul Rajaram, creator of Google Adsense, and Munjah Shah, founder and CEO of They believe Flipora can be a catalyst when it comes to connecting people through knowledge and shared interests.
The company that was founded by Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan when they were still graduate students at Stanford University. Flipora seems to be in a very good growth stage. It is attracting users that want to receive personalized content in a convenient manner.
Flipora hopes to be able to develop a Discovery Engine that will easily provide relevant content to personalized users. The main difference between search engines and discovery engines is that discovery engines provide results by similarity instead of popularity. That way you get more page results related to your search term.
AI has entered the real world in a pretty big way. It is no longer something you only see portrayed in science fiction movies and books. It can actually predict the type of content a user will be interested in, and deliver it at a time they want it.
Flipora is graced with a social element that is apart from typical search engines. Facebook connects people based on social relationships. LinkedIn does the same with professional relationships. Flipora, in its unique way, links the world based around specific interests, They want to take the idea further and globalize it to the maximum extent. If this is done, the typical search engine could go the way of cassettes and video tapes.

Impacts of Technology on Business

Shaygan Kheradpir received his bachelor’s, Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Cornell with a center on the control system. All through his career he has established team players with a mission to drive change that is important to clients, workers, investors and the society. He has also straddled, connected and innovated at the margins of traditional disciplines across many industry sectors across the globe. Shaygan was lately declared the juniper networks chief executive officer. Before being announced to that post, he was chief operation and technology officer of Barclays group.

Below are several important merits on the improvement of your business as a consequence of technological advancement in your company.

Reducing business cost

Small scale business people can use technology in reducing business cost. Business technology assists in making back office duties like record keeping, accounting and payroll easier. Business proprietors can as well use technology to build safe environments for preserving sensitive business ideas and clients information.

Customer relation

Business technology has an enormous effect on the method firms communicate and create relationships with their clients. In the fast moving economy, it is important for them to intermingle with customers frequently and rapidly to earn their confidence and to attain client’s trustworthiness. With the help of the online social networking and the internet, companies cooperate with customers and gives solutions to all the questions concerning the product. Creating successful communication with clients creates a relationship with them and also creating a sturdy public image.

Business operation and corporate culture

With the innovation in technology business proprietor and investors have knowledge on how to improve their cash flow, and help them in the management of their storage cost, also to enable you to save money and time. On top of that technology permits workers to converse and interrelate with their colleagues in different regions hence promoting corporate cultures.

Flexible working environment

Technology offers business proprietor and workers the alternative to doing their work in the workplace, from their houses, on the road. Affording business proprietors have the chance to hire skills across the world. Technology can assist corporation earn a competitive border in the worldwide environment.

Employee training

As Corporation introduces new technology into the process, they have to train its workers on the techniques. New workers may catch up with the technology quickly while the experienced workers may take the time to the new technologies.


Technology in business permits firms to contract out business duties to different corporations in both nationwide and worldwide business surroundings. Contracting out can assist the firms lower yield and concentrate on finishing business tasks they can perform excellently. Some business proprietors may think to outsource if they lack some appropriate amenities or availability of manpower. Technology services permit a corporation to contract out duties to the cheapest vicinity possible.