Magic Mike XXL Spotlight: Crystal Hunt

A tantalizing breeze of male cologne and enticement blew its way through America and under the noses of women with the delivery of “Magic Mike XXL”, the sequel to the 2012 film, “Magic Mike.” While the buildup seemed torturous at times, its long-anticipated release in the heat of the summer had moviegoers coming to the theaters in swarms. With tighter abs and sultrier gyrations, watching Mike succumb to the call of lights, money, and women for one last hurrah was an irresistible experience of female bonding.

The cast is studded with the sexy familiars like Tatum, Mat Bomer, Joe Manganiello, and Kevin Nash. This go round, however, they are joined by Adam Rodriguez as Tito and Gabriel Iglesias as Tobias. With that lineup there is no time for women’s eyes to wander! Leading men are incomplete without leading ladies, so be on the lookout for Jada Pinkett Smith as Rome, Elizabeth Banks as Paris, Andie MacDowell as Nancy, and Crystal Hunt as Lauren.

Hunt, the cute and spunky actress from Clearwater, FL is best known for her role as Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light, a troubled daughter of parents with a tumultuous relationship. While performing in that role she received a Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series as well as a Soap Opera Digest Award nomination, both in 2005. She has since been in the 2007 film “Sydney White” and ABC series “One Life to Live.” As she likes to expand on her acting, she also worked on a document-series, “Queens of Drama,” which has yet to be released.

Hunt states that her experience in daytime acting truly helped her flesh out the character of Lauren on “Magic Mike XXL.” She was also inspired by the tremendous talent that surrounded her. In a movie made for women, being included with a cast featuring strong female role models only helped her hone her craft and feel empowered.

When not gracing the big screen, Hunt was a previous managing member of My Pet’s Dream Boutique in her hometown, offering premium services for the cherished furry members of Florida Families.

For ladies who have not experienced the dangerous moves of the dancers, get your hands on “Magic Mike XXL” and prepare yourself for steamy living room windows. Enjoy the men but also appreciate the talented ladies, including Crystal Hunt.

How To Find A Great Cosmetics Company Online

These days, millions of people all over the world access the Internet to shop for the products they want. This includes cosmetics. In recognizing how convenient it can be to shop for cosmetics from the comfort and privacy of one’s own home, many individuals are interested in taking this step. If you’re interested in getting great make-up products online yet don’t know how to shop this way, this article is for you. Implement the following online shopping steps to ensure that you access the great cosmetics products that you need and deserve:

1. Do A Keyword Search.

Your first step in finding the ideal cosmetics company is to do a keyword search. You can enter a simple phrase like “Find Online Cosmetics Company” or “Locate Online Make-Up Companies.” Once you do so, click your “enter” key. You’ll then be taken to the search engine results pages. The screen should list a plethora of online cosmetics companies that you can choose from. Click the links to be redirected to their individual websites.

2. Review The Website Carefully.

To ensure that you find the ideal cosmetics retailer from which to purchase your make-up products, make sure that you review their website carefully. Some of the pages that you’ll want to carefully peruse include the “About Us” and “Terms And Conditions” sections. Make sure that the company has a fair return policy, great shipping rates, and reasonable prices. Also be sure that you’re comparing and contrasting several companies before you buy any cosmetics from anyone.

3. Look For Online Reviews.

One final strategy you should implement to find the ideal cosmetics company is to look for online reviews. This strategy is helpful because it will provide you with background information regarding how other people view the company. If a cosmetics company has predominantly positive online reviews from former and/or current customers, this is typically a sign that they operate in excellence and expedience. However, if a company’s reviews are mostly negative, it’s generally a good idea to avoid doing business with them.

Consider Lime Crime

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Summing It All Up

If you’re ready to start shopping online for all of the great cosmetics that you need and deserve, know that doing so doesn’t have to be difficult. To keep the process simple and streamlined, utilize the techniques and tips outlined here. Good luck!