James Dondero Shares Some Top Things Every Leader Should Be Aware Of

In a dynamic corporate environment, companies are created and diluted every day. One bad decision can affect a company’s working for years. A simple decision that is made with the right tools can, instead, help companies avoid massive catastrophes. A company is not just an entity, it is created of people who are affected by these decision. Bad decisions can lead to unemployment and so much pain. This is why James Dondero and his work with Highland Capital Management is more than just a job or a position for him. He can founded the company and been its President to help his employees achieve their dreams and become successful.

James Dondero understands that a leader does not operate in a vacuum. This is why in the following points, he shares some top tips that every leader should know –

Staying True To Oneself – One big tip that James Dondero would like to offer to budding leaders is about staying true to themselves. Leaders can often find themselves getting lost in the quagmire of budgets, finances, decisions, and people. They can find that what they believe in is slowly slipping away through their fingers. Often, their personal life can be thrown in disarray. At such a time, trying to stay true can lead to great rewards both personally and professionally for a leader.

Creating An Environment Of Trust – Trust is something that cannot be created overnight. It takes hard work and a lot of time. Efforts have to be put in from all sides in order to create a trusting environment. James Dondero adds that the leader is at the center of this equation of trust. Being the glue that keeps everyone together, the leaders ensures that people are not threatened during their work.

Fostering Inclusion – Collaboration is the best way to not only motivate employees but amp up the efficiency of the organization. At Highland Capital Management, James Dondero of NexBank frequently reaps the rewards of collaborative efforts. He also mentions that these collaborations help his employees feel included. They are able to work together in a better way on group projects and this is the no. 1 reason why his company has been so successful in the industry.

Sharing Goals – As mentioned before, a company is not just an entity operating in a vacuum. It is an amalgamation of many people and lives. So, what do those people have to gain from the success of the company? They would still be receiving their salaries if the company doesn’t operate efficiently. This problem can be rectified by helping unify employees with the vision and goals of the organization.

Generating The Best Ideas – The best ideas are often generated during collaborative efforts. James Dondero believes that it is the leader’s job to help push those ideas – both in creation and action. A leader can inspire great ideas from people and they should focus on doing so.

With these tips, budding leaders can find as much success as James Dondero in their company and industry.

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