Slyce Is Doing All Sorts Of Innovative Things

It was said on Philadelphia Business Journal that the ambitious company Slyce has recently taken SnipSnap and made it into something bigger and better than it was. SnipSnap was a coupon provider that had made many people happy through the way that it allowed them to save a bit of money here and there, but now the service has become much bigger. It has joined up with Slyce, and it is helping people to save money in a whole new way.

Slyce is very innovative on, and it has proven how great it can be through the new money saving service that it is offering. The service allows people to take a photo of an item that they would like to purchase, and it helps them to find it at the store where it is sold for the lowest price. That is a great service for all of those who want to be thrifty as they are shopping, and the service is sure to do a lot of good for many people.

Slyce has been doing all sorts of innovative things since it first came to be, and connecting with SnipSnap is one of the best things that it has done. It is offering people the chance to save much money each day as they shop for the things that they would like. It gives them the chance to do that easily, and people of all ages are going to be happy that Slyce has bought out SnipSnap once they find out all that it can do with it.

New York and Manhattan Prices Rising Above Historic Levels

Manhattan is rising above historic levels. The prices and the value of the NYC luxury real estate on townrealestate is rising at a very quick rate due to plenty of factors. The prices for buying and renting homes in the New York areas have risen quickly, and the growth is expected to continue for a little while longer. Even other cities in New York have began to see rises in prices at a more gradual rate. It is safe to say that the market of Manhattan real estate is a healthy market.

In order to take advantage of the market, one is going to need an agent like Town Residential. The reason why Town Residential is a very important real estate agent is that it is a group of people that have extensive expertise and experience in marketing and selling New York Real Estate. Other agents do not show the skills that Town Residential displays. As a result, people may find themselves disappointed in the searching process of trying to find a new home. Town Residential has a better track record of bringing out the desired results for their clients due to their hand crafted style of marketing.

Town Residential’s expertise and efficiency has resulted in them getting a lot more listings than other agents. This gives clients plenty of options in almost any area of New York. They can choose from tons of houses and apartments that they can buy or lease. Town Luxury also takes the time to work with their clients in order to make sure that they are satisfied with the home and the neighborhood that they have been referred to. It is this attentive service that makes Town Residential stand out from among the rest, especially with the ever rising prices.

In the midst of the rising prices, there has been a slight dip in the pricing. However, the property value has risen right back. In any market of investment, it is expected for there to be some dips in the rising prices. At the same time, there will be a slight upward bounce in a downtrend. Either way, the rising prices make a huge difference for many people. Selling residents are going to profit big when they can find someone that is willing to buy their property. At the same time, it is proving to be a little more expensive for people that are trying to buy something.

One Life to Live Soap Opera

One Life To Live is a soap opera that began airing back in 1968 on ABC. The show ran for over 40 years on TV and ended its television run in January of 2012. For a few short months in 2013 One Life To Live was a web series on Hulu and Itunes however in September of 2013 the show was put on hiatus.

One Life To Live or OLTL was set in a fictional town located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and followed the lives and relationships of the very wealthy Lord family as well as a few other families. The Lord family’s patriarch is a wealthy newspaper publisher as well as owner of Lord enterprises which owns a group of different companies. The Lord matriarch passed away while giving birth to her second daughter. The daughters live with their father in a gorgeous estate with the fictional name of Llanfair. Over the course of 43 years we see the Lord family get in and out of many different relationships and situations.

One Life To Live has seen dozens and dozens of characters over the years. One of the most notable characters being Stacy Morasco played by the talented and beautiful Crystal Hunt. Stacy Morasco was sister to the ever popular Gigi a beloved character on OLTL. Stacy was a stripper working in Las Vegas when she spots Gigi and Rex having a great time. Stacy becomes obsessed with Rex even following him and girlfriend Gigi back to Llanview on a secret mission to sleep with Rex. After spending time after time trying to get to Rex, Stacy finally succeeds and gets her sisters boyfriend to sleep with her. When Stacy becomes pregnant with Rex’s baby she thinks she has it all figured out until a miscarriage ruins her plans. Rather than give up on her and Rex, Stacy then sleeps with Oliver in the hopes of getting pregnant and pretending it is Rex baby. Stacy gets pregnant by Oliver, lies and says it belongs to Rex, gets kidnapped and finally admits the truth about her unborn child. In the aftermath of her secret Stacy ventures out to find her sister only to fall into a frozen lake and die.

Stacy Morasco may have died on the show by Crystal Hunt went on to play many different characters afterwords even getting into executive producing recently. Hunt has appeared in films such as Derby Stallion, Sydney White and the ever popular TV show Guiding Light. More recently Hunt has appeared in the movie Magic Mike XXL and also in Queens of Drama. In 2015 she was the executive producer of Talbot County her first feature film. Crystal Hunt has also owned her own high end pet boutique named My Pets Dream Boutique in her hometown in Florida. Although she has been in the acting world for many years now she shows no signs of slowing down if her Facebook presence is any indication.

Being a Woman is not a limit; Susan McGalla

The twenty first century woman is competing for equal opportunities with the men in all kinds of fields. The business field is not an exception. However, in as much woman empowerment is on its pinnacle, being a woman in male dominated fields such as business in not a walk in the park.

Since being a woman requires that you are a mother, a wife and a doctor and still a career woman, its strenuous for a woman in business. A good business person has a number of traits that make them succeed in the highly competitive world such as self-belief, ambition, confidence, assertiveness, persistence and humility. He or she should also be open to new ideas. Armed with these and a little more assertiveness, a woman is ready for affair battle in the business ground.

Susan McGalla on cbslocal is one example of a fearless woman who decided she wont stay at home and play housewife, instead, she would battle it out with the men in the business world. With a father who knew the sky is the limit, Susan learnt about fighting for excellence at a young age. Growing up, she had good exposure which made her comfortable with both male and female making her a good team player and businessperson.

Her career started at Joseph Horne Company in 1986. She worked in a number of marketing and managerial positions until 1994. A year later, she joined American Eagle Outfitters as a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing. Susan McGalla’s hard work and ambition saw her rise in ranks until she became the president and chief merchandising officer of the company. As president, Susan was the overall overseer of the launch of American Eagles aerie and seventy seven kids brand. Her success story builds up further when she left the company in 2009 and became a private consultant. She consulted for retail and financial investment industries prior her appointment to the Board of Directors of HFF Inc. She also served as the CEO of wet Seal Inc in 2011 before leaving the company to start P3 Executive consulting in 2012. With her bachelors degree in business marketing from Mount Union College, Susan has been able to make a name for herself in the business world.

Leading her life as a person and not a woman Susan McGalla has made tremendous successes in her life and career. She once turned down an article aimed at successful women because according to her, it was not suitable. Having had a football coach as a father, she is passionate about sports like most men are. That however does not stop her from being a woman and enjoying shopping. If more women were to adopt her open-minded thinking and not limit themselves because of their gender, we would have more women in fields never thought possible.