Dedicated to their Clients

Status Labs has a good reputation for providing search engine optimization towards their clients. They specialize in digital footprints and image management. Overall, the main goal of the company is to increase sales, via digital marketing and public relations strategy, of multiple clients. Although the lab is headquartered in Austin, Texas, several of their offices exist in New York and Sao Paulo. They also assist several individuals via online interaction throughout 35+ countries.

Alongside promoting the growth of sales to its clients, they strive to provide advice towards successful PR pitches. Their five tips for developing creating a public relations pitch include the following:

1. Stay relevant to the topic of interest

– Unless there is a journalist that can cover the topic that is being pitched, consider finding a new one.

2. Keep it quick and simple

– Many journalists are drilled with emails on their phones and might not be able to contact everyone. Therefore, keep every email pitch short (limited to six sentences) and simple. It’s also important to be considerate and post any press releases on the bottom of the email, giving the journalist an option to read it.

3. Get familiar with your contacts.

– Gaining additional insight on the journalist is extremely important. Adding the person (who’s managing the pitch) to social media, or sharing their personal articles are several ways to achieve a more personal connection.

4. Be Courteous

– Create requests when it’s convenient for the journalist, give them credible information and top-quality photographs to appropiately represent any work. This will allow the journalist to have a better interest towards participating in any projects.

5. Incorporate characteristics of a story-teller within a pitch.

– Timing, significance, proximity, prominence and human interest are several qualities that a journalist desires in any piece of work that they thoroughly analyze.

Status Labs never falls short of conveying professionalism. Founder and CEO of Status Labs, Maxwell Fisher, envisions future success for the company. In addition, he’s a respectable figure to neighboring companies. For instance, he shared his take on an Instagram post posted by Ryan Holmes. The CEO of Hootsuite posted a photo of his hand on a drink with the following caption: “Cheers to my homies.” The post was made shortly after 65 employees were laid off of Hootsuite.Fisher, along with a 17-year old public relations vet and Hootsuite’s communications manager Sandy Pell, offered encouraging words of wisdom towards this outbreak. He advised all executives to “represent their company’s voice, even if it’s on their personal social media platforms.”