U.S. Money Reserve will Finance the Setting up of the Lone Sailor Statue at Pearl Harbor

To appreciate the role played by people from different parts of the world in the provision of sea service, a Lone Sailor Statue will be set up at Pearl Harbor. U.S Money Reserve and U.S Navy Memorial announced on twitter this project jointly. The Statue shows gratitude to the people who put their life in danger to ensure the Sea is safe. The Lone Sailor is the major symbol of the Navy Memorial, and represents important values such as dedication to duty, and respect as well as honor. These values have kept the Navy strong and stable for a long period.


U.S. Money Reserve has been reported on Kusi.com, it will dedicate hundred percent of the sales made during its Pearl Harbor Gold and Silver Coins 75th anniversary for the Lone Sailor installation project. The anniversary marks events that took place on December 7, 1941. The funds committed to U.S. Naval Memorial will be used to finance the project.

Brief description of the bronze statue

The statue will be made of bronze and is a creation of Stanley Bleifeld, who offers sculptor services to the U.S. Navy Memorial. Two pieces will be used to make the statue. One piece will be comprised of a 7 feet tall Sailor weighing about 1000 Ibs. The second section will consist of cleat and sea bag weighing approximately 700 Ibs. To make the statue unique, steel originating from USS Arizona will be used to design its base.

U. S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve is a prominent dealer and distributor of gold, platinum products, and silver coins worldwide. The firm has its headquarters in Austin, Texas. The firm offers an opportunity for clients to convert their wealth into precious metals.

U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation

The Navy Memorial is strategically positioned in Pennsylvania Avenue in between the Capital and White House. It provides platforms for Navy service members to meet and celebrate their exemplary service. Additionally, it offers an opportunity for visitors to educate themselves on the achievements of men and women that have served in the Navy. The original article was published on Yahoo! Finance http://finance.yahoo.com/news/recognition-75th-anniversary-u-money-130000239.html

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