Yeonmi Park Stands Tall against Pyongyang

What would you do to find freedom? What would you do if you had been raised in a country where the very idea of ‘freedom’ was completely foreign? North Korea is the most private and oppressive country on the planet thanks to a string of family dictators. The country is a constant lightning rod in global politics and one of the worst abusers of human rights in the world with their victims being the citizens that the government should be protecting. Yeonmi Park has become the North Korean government’s greatest enemy. What did Park do? She escaped.

Yeonmi Park grew up under the oppressive thumb of North Korea’s government. She learned to stay quiet, avoid drawing attention to herself, and never try to have thoughts about the government. Government soldiers would pull friends and neighbors out into the street and execute them on the spot for the smallest infractions. Park and her family would be forced to starve and go without as the North Korean government glutted themselves to satiation. Still, it took losing her father for Park and her mother to change the paradigm.

Yeonmi Park has talked on the Reason TV often about her terrifying journey fleeing North Korea and now, for the first time ever, she is putting the story into words in Yeonmi Park’s newest amazon best-selling book, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”. This book details every step of the way as Park fled North Korea with her mother as they entrusted brutal human traffickers. The book details how they were betrayed and sold into human trafficking in China. The book continues the story of Park’s new enslavement, her new horror, and her new life as a child slave. Fortunately the story culminates in Park’s heroic journey across the Mongolian Desert as she fled to freedom and a better life.

Nowadays Yeonmi Park is a living example that the people of North Korea desire a better life. She has become a vocal proponent for human rights and a staunch supporter of intervention in North Korea. As such a high profile figure she has become one of the biggest public enemies to the North Korean government.



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