The Only Home Cleaning App, Handy

As the top one percent of the United States’ citizens continue to grow, the income gap steadily increases in size. The vast majority of people in the United States simply cannot afford luxuries. Many of the wealthiest have had maids do their chores and home cleaning needs for a very long time, but unfortunately, not everybody has the money to hire a home cleaner, whether it is a single independent person cleaning homes or a nationwide professional cleaning company. The reason home cleaning service providers have been so costly in the past is because of the hard time that people have to spend looking for them. There have not been easily accessible forums in the past where one can browse a multitude of local home cleaners.

Handy is a new smartphone app that allows independent cleaners and companies post their services on from the app. Fortunately for everybody at hand, this reduces the price that cleaners can charge and still act competitively. The average price of home cleaning services on Handy averages between eighteen and twenty-two US dollars per hour, which is a great deal. In the past, potential clients would have to go to long lengths to try to find a good deal — this has changed now, thanks to Handy.

Handy was created by long time friends turned business aprtners Omang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan. Handy was developed around four years ago. Handy is not just an app where people can list at their own will: applicants have to go through a long process to be able to list their services. Only around three percent of applicants are actually allowed to be listed on Handy, which makes it more selective than nearly every college in the entire world.

Handy hosts its services in twenty-eight cities around the world: one in the United Kingdom, two in our neighboring country above, Canada, and the rest here in the United States. This is pretty much the only drawback to this fantastic app, but Handy has to limit the amount of people that operate on the app to ensure quality for customers. This is one aspect of Handy that makes it so good.

Currently, clients and cleaning servicers have come together to reach about one million dollars worth of bookings every week. Mr. Umang Dua has told the press that the run rate of the company has increased from $3 million to more than $50 million. Handy would not have been able to grow so much without the innovation, creativity, and quality assurance that Mr. Umang Dua and Mr. Oisin Hanrahan have brought to the table.

For any home cleaners interested in cleaning for Handy, you can apply or find more about the application process on their official website, Handy charges a low rate of approximately twenty percent of the listing price for cleaners to list their services, which is very low considering the hard work that technicians and engineers on behalf of Handy have had to put in to make the app so great.

Is Flipora the Wave of the Future?

Flipora is a smart search engine that suggests websites for you based on your recent search history. But what makes Flipora different is that it returns relevant results based on the users’ browsing history, plus it recommends new pages at the same time.
Flipora is based on the idea that artificial intelligence can offer a new and better way for users to locate their desired content.
The new use of artificial intelligence has the potential to eventually replace search engines as the number one way to search for information online. The idea that Flipora could be the dawn of something revolutionary like Paypal and Google is attracting more and more investment partners. Among the new backers are Gokul Rajaram, creator of Google Adsense, and Munjah Shah, founder and CEO of They believe Flipora can be a catalyst when it comes to connecting people through knowledge and shared interests.
The company that was founded by Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan when they were still graduate students at Stanford University. Flipora seems to be in a very good growth stage. It is attracting users that want to receive personalized content in a convenient manner.
Flipora hopes to be able to develop a Discovery Engine that will easily provide relevant content to personalized users. The main difference between search engines and discovery engines is that discovery engines provide results by similarity instead of popularity. That way you get more page results related to your search term.
AI has entered the real world in a pretty big way. It is no longer something you only see portrayed in science fiction movies and books. It can actually predict the type of content a user will be interested in, and deliver it at a time they want it.
Flipora is graced with a social element that is apart from typical search engines. Facebook connects people based on social relationships. LinkedIn does the same with professional relationships. Flipora, in its unique way, links the world based around specific interests, They want to take the idea further and globalize it to the maximum extent. If this is done, the typical search engine could go the way of cassettes and video tapes.

FreedomPop Shrugs Off Sale Rumors, Lands Big Investments

FreedomPop is one of the biggest rising ‘freemium’ mobile carriers in the world today. After getting a launch in 2012 off of seed money from the founder of Skype, the company has steadfastly built their brand and now anchor in over 1 million subscribers. With this success it was no surprise that rumors started to fly about the LA based start up selling off their corporation.

According to a report by TechCrunch, FreedomPop has already turned their nose away at six offers and are apparently going to continue on the independent route. Stephen Stokols, the CEO of FredomPop, has decided that the company is worth more than the offers being lobbied at the company. According to some reports there was a potential quarter billion dollar offer sitting on the table. Possibly bolstered by this attention, FreedomPop will move forward and try to make their own way.

In the latest Series B round we saw FreedomPop land a big European investor in Partech Ventures. Partech Ventures, in cooperation with DCM Capital and Mangrove Capital, have put together almost $30 million dollars in venture capital together in order to help fund the company. According to reports from the CEO of Partech Ventures, the group is excited to see how FreedomPop can grow in the future.

FreedomPop specializes in ‘freemium’ mobile phone business. They give away a limited amount of phone data, minutes, and text messages all for free. After that limit is up customers must pay for the overages. FreedomPop also upsells customers on potential plans that range from $3 to $10 in price. These plans include phone insurance, overseas minutes packages, and much more along those lines.

Right now the goal set forth by Stephen Stokols is to grow the company into a steadfast piece of the market. They want to be a billion dollar business within a year.

Come To Skout And See What You Can Find

The Skout network caters to anyone who wants to be on the network. Unlike certain dating websites that only allow a specific demographic of people on the site, Skout allows anyone who wants to join. As long as a person is at least 18 years old, they are free to join the Skout network. The fact that Skout is an open network, and everyone is allowed to join, it means that anyone can find love. Some feel that they have to join a dating site that is for elderly persons, and this doesn’t have to be the case. Even elderly persons can find love on Skout.

If there is love for any and everyone on the Skout network, then everyone should join. Skout boasts a network of over 200 million people, and those that are on the network, they are some of the coolest people around. Many people join Skout just so they can meet other people, even if it doesn’t lead to romance. Skout is such a diverse network that many have recruited their friends to join the network as well. Skout is a fun place to talk to others as well as talking about the things that a person did in throughout the day.

For those who like to have fun, why not join Skout and share information about what’s going on in life? Those who are looking for love, they can conduct a search for a love interest, and who knows what they will find. If a person is very specific about what type of love interest they’re looking for, it’s very possible for them to find the love of a lifetime on Skout. Many relationships have been forged on the Skout network, and many people have been happy with what they find on the network. Some prefer Skout to other websites because they have found love on Skout.

Statistics show that there are many different demographics and ages of people on the Skout network. Although Skout is frequented by persons ages 20-40, even people over 40-year-old, they also use the Skout network. Skout is used by everyone to find love, friendship, or socialization. Since there are so many different things to do on the Skout network, there is no limit to how a person can use the network, or what they can find on the network. Skout has a lot to offer anyone who joins the network, no matter how old they are.