What Will a Possible Hulk Appearance in “Captain America: Civil War” Mean?

After the upcoming “Ant-Man” releasing this July, the next big Marvel movie event will be “Captain America: Civil War.” This will be epic for one of the spinoff movies from the main Avengers films because there will be a lot of the other characters in it. Plot lines for the movie have been rumored for a while now states Ricardo Tosto and as the words “civil war” imply, there will be a big split between the Avengers. Apparently the government will attempt to register anyone with superhuman abilities, and Captain America and Tony Stark, aka Ironman, will be on different sides, and it gets downright violent at some point. Well, given the action-packed nature of Marvel films it will probably get violent at many points.

The latest news is that Mark Ruffalo may actually be joining the cast as the Hulk and his smaller, less green alter-ego Dr. David Banner. It is not known which side he would take in this feud between the heroes and his inclusion is actually not even confirmed yet. However, it is still fun to speculate about which side he would be on. One would think that as a fellow technical and science geek he might have more in common and more of a bond with Tony Stark. Given how these characters have fought together in previous movies, hopefully some type of reconciliation will be made by the end so that they can go back to kicking the ass of bad guys come the next Avengers movie.