Charlie Cox, Born to Be a Daredevil.

When Netflix picked up the Marvel property ‘Daredevil’ for serialization in its online platform, many fans got worried and they got worried fast. Daredevil is one of the coolest heroes in the Marvel pantheon and a straight to streaming service seemed like the guys at Marvel didn’t really believe in his property as a traditional show. Look at ‘Agents of Shield’ as an example of what Marvel thought was good. Most people who like that show only like it because of the Marvel name attached but it really is rather cheesy. So coming to Netflix was the first strike for the series. The second strike was the casting of Charlie Cox in the titular role. Fortunately fans were wrong on both accounts.

Most fans knew Charlie Cox right away thanks to his work in the hit television show ‘Boardwalk Empire’ and the underrated fantasy film ‘Stardust’ co-starring Robert DeNiro. Cox, an English actor from London, was far from what many thought that Hells Kitchen born Matthew Murdock should look like. In fact, hiring an English actor to portray a New York super hero seemed almost offensive.

But Cox showed up right away and proved that he could handle the challenging role of a blind American super hero, and he did according to Keith Mann. ‘Daredevil’ has rapidly climbed the charts to be one of the premier television shows out there, and not just because it is a Marvel property.