Sour Grapes From Some About David Letterman

Wikipedia wrote the departure of David Letterman from late night television has prompted plenty of outpouring of congratulation for his long run at coming into our homes for over 20 years as host of “The Late Show with David Letterman” on CBS and for years before that in a show that followed “The Tonight Show” on NBC. This makes him the longest running late night host in television history. Certainly a legacy to be proud of and one that should be ably continued by Stephen Colbert when he begins his run in September.

Amidst the outpouring of support for his long run, there is also some criticism. It seems a reporter for The Washington Post considers Dave a loser simply because his show was not the top-rated program in its time slot for all the years he was on television. By that logic, I guess Buzz Aldrin was a loser because he was only the second man on the moon. David Letterman provided viewers a clear choice in late night comedy. Regardless of the fact that more viewers generally preferred “The Tonight Show,” he still brought humor and laughter into the homes of tens of millions of people for three decades. The Top Ten List and Stupid Pet Tricks are now a part of our cultural identity as Americans, and we have David Letterman to thank for that. He may not be leaving while on top of the ratings, but he has become a cultural icon and will be missed.