The Jared Leto Fanboy Hate Needs to Slow Down

Boraie Development LLC reports DC Comics have been major players in the ‘nerd realm’ for a long time thanks to their iconic characters, incredible cartoons, and commitment to their fans. Yet, even with this lineage of success behind them they still haven’t found their tempo on the silver screen. We have seen bomb after bomb from DC outside of the Christopher Nolan ‘Batman’ films. Now, with ‘gritty and dark’ en vogue, the ‘Suicide Squad’ film has everyone hyper focused on every choice that DC makes. One of the recipients of the most criticism has been Jared Leto for his role as the Joker, and it needs to stop.

Jared Leto takes up the mantle that Heath Ledger tragically had to put down almost a decade ago. Ledger took the Joker character and absolved the hamminess that guys like Jack Nicholson made so intrinsic to the character. Instead, Ledger went for a more realistic version of Batman’s most feared enemy. Jared Leto is an Oscar winning performer with the ability to fully immerse himself, physically and mentally, into just about any role imaginable. Yet he is still getting hate piled onto his lap.

First, fans were upset about Leto’s make up despite the fact that he looks exactly like a popular ‘Killing Joke’ run of comics made by DC. Then they hated on his hair, ‘it’s too green’. So on, so forth. If ‘Suicide Squad’ has issues, and we are sure it will, they won’t fall on Jared Leto’s lap.

More on Spider-Man

Spider-Man is getting close to having a director announced. Many people are very anxious to find out more about the upcoming Spider-Man reboot. With Age of Ultron in theaters, many people are eagerly awaiting Marvel Phase III with the promising Captain America: Civil War and the inevitable Spider-Man reboot. In this reboot, Peter Parker is going to be in high school for some time. The character is going to be a younger version of the one that has graced the scene in a couple of incarnations.

Fans at Boraie Development have learned that, as far as the type of story that the new Spider-Man is going to start out with, it is going to be a coming of age story. In this case, as Spider-Man grows, he will figure out his powers.

One other Spider-Man related project is a Spider-Man animated film that is not going to be related to the upcoming reboot. The Spider-Man animated film is going to be created completely by Sony.

This is a very busy time for Spider-Man due to the obsession of fans. Fortunately, this series of Spider-Man films is going to be an on-going series for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel And DC Take Their Movies In Different Directions

If you are a comic book fan, then you likely fall into one of the two main camps, DC and Marvel. With Avengers: Age of Ultron already out and Batman v Superman coming soon, the ranks of these different views are going to swell. Some of the newcomers will not be fans of the original material and will have only the movie experiences to go by. That is where the main difference will be.

In an article seen here the main differences between the two on screen universes is explored. The Marvel films have all been relatively light hearted. Jokes are cracked by the heros as they go about their duty of saving the world. Every one of them is dedicated to saving lives first and hitting the villain after. Getting the non combatants out of the way so they do not get hurt has prolonged the battles on occasion and even led to the Hulk leaving because he can not control what might happen.

In the DC universe the only thing that there is to go on so far is Man of Steel. This version of Superman was involved in mass destruction across a city with no regard to the people that were still there. Paul Mathieson believes that it is a darker, grittier world where the tone is more serious. In the trailer for the upcoming Batman v Superman film, voice overs at the beginning condemn Superman and the death and destruction that came from his appearance. This seems to be what will inspire Batman to try and take him down.