Quality Dog Food From Beneful Is Best

The subject of what to feed our animals has always been a hot subject to research in my household. My wife and I have been competing to find the most conclusive article about dog food and our pet’s health. I found one the other day from the Daily Herald that beats all. It talks about what actually goes on in premium dog food manufacturing on wikipedia.org. I was amazed to see how careful these companies are about what ingredients go into their food. It was a good feeling to know that I am doing the responsible thing as a pet owner by providing the most nutritious foods for my furry friend.

Buying Beneful Is Best

My dogs are picky about what they eat for dinner. They like to eat something that tastes good. Can you blame them? I would turn my nose up to the cheap foods if I was a dog, so I can’t blame my dogs for not eating the cheap stuff. I buy Beneful because it is a premium dog food made with high quality ingredients that dogs love. I like to buy them the Chopped Blends for the weekends, as a treat. The Chopped Blends is a wet food made by Beneful that comes in 20 different flavors, so you know that your dog will find something to like in all those options. My dogs love the kind made with salmon, so I stick to buying the salmon Beneful Chopped Blends.

I usually feed them Beneful Chopped Blends Original Dry Dog Food during the week as their main staple for nutrition because it is made with real chicken. They have another kind made with real beef that my dogs like just as much. They also have a kind made with salmon, but we haven’t tried that yet. Between the dry dog food, the wet dog food and the dog treats, Beneful on youtube offers a large variety of choices for every dog to find the taste they appreciate. 

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New refrigerated dog food one of the options for dog owners

Dogs are a popular pet all around the world, especially in the US and all dog owners want to feed their pets the best possible foods, as well as to give them options to keep them healthy and happy and not bored with their meals. One of the dog food companies working to make the best possible choices for dogs and their owners is Purina, who also make the Beneful line of dog foods. Beneful line of dog food includes eight types of dry dog food, 20 types of wet dog food, and 11 types of treats. Since 2001, Beneful has proudly made their dog food products with real meat, vegetables, and wants your pet to enjoy their meal with various flavors and textures of food products available. Other types and brands of foods for your dog One of the newest innovations in dog food is from the Freshpet, Inc. dog food company, and it is a tube of refrigerated dog food that you slice and feed to your dog. One of the flavors of this refrigerated food is Chunky Chicken and Turkey. It has only fresh ingredients, no preservatives and a limited shelf life, which is why it must be refrigerated. It’s made in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and is part of a growing market in refrigerated dog food products that is estimated at over $23 billion dollars. It is part of dog food companies making healthier and nutritious products. Other places like Blue Buffalo dog food company also are touting better foods, and make organic and grain free foods with lamb and salmon in them for dogs. Colgate-Palmolive even lets owners customize their dog’s food and create special blends of dog food according to their pet’s needs, and Nutro Farm Harvest dog food has fruits like cranberries and blueberries to enhance dog’s health and nutrition. Plus, the Mars’ Cesar Home Delights brand touts feeding your dog food like you like yourself and has lasagna and beef stroganoff for dogs, and Milo’s Kitchen brand of dog products has duck flavored jerky and grilled beef burger treats for your pet to be spoiled and happy. The bottom line is companies like Beneful are working hard to bring better, more nutritious, healthy and fun products for your pet.