George Soros’ Efforts To Help Hillary Get Elected

George Soros has long been one of the biggest donors to the democratic party. He routinely gives amounts well into the millions, and he often sets the tone for other donors. Now, he is supporting Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president. George Soros is very optimistic about how she would serve as president. He feels she would be a very skilled and successful president. In fact, he feels so strongly about her campaign that he wishes he supported her instead of Obama during the 2008 and 2012 elections. He is giving to two separate political organizations that support her. He gave 7 million dollars to one of the organizations. He gave a million dollars to the other organization. George Soros also feels that the outcome of this election will have a major impact on the world economy, which he feels is in a very precarious position.

There are things going on in the world economy that are very concerning to George Soros. First, he is concerned about the situation in the European Union. There are multiple crises taking place in Europe, including the migrant crisis. While the EU has weathered many crises, it hasn’t dealt with this number of crises all at the same time. If the EU does collapse, as he fears, it would cause a ripple effect throughout other areas of the world. This ripple effect could have disastrous effects on other areas of the world. In addition, he is concerned about the economy of another area of the world. He is very concerned about the state of the Chinese economy. There appears to be indications of instability in China. If an economy as large as China’s takes a serious downturn, it will have major ripple effects on other countries and the entire world.
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George Soros believes that Hillary Clinton could help to negate the effects of these risk factors in the economic climate, through her political decisions. Due to this, he is giving a lot of money to her campaign. In fact, he is giving significantly more than he gave during the last presidential elections. He gave a million dollars to Obama’s campaign. However, he has given 7 million dollars to an organization called Priorities USA that supports Hillary Clinton. This organization has grown substantially further, as a result of his donation. Now, the organization acquired more than 40 million dollars in funding. Political action organizations that grow this large often have a major influence on US elections.

In the past, he was also an exceptionally large donor to another organization that was against George Bush. While the organization did not succeed in having him impeached, this was their goal. He gave 20 million dollars to this political action organization. 

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