Cameron Crowe Opens up on Emma Stone Casting Choice in ‘Aloha’

We are increasingly finding ourselves in an era of entertainment that is finally being held accountable for its choices in casting. For as far back as there have been movies, or plays, casting characters has always been about giving the majority what they expect to see rather than what is true to life. This means that you’d get famous white American actors playing every race on the planet, routinely displacing casts that should have had mixed actors. Now the public’s desire to see reality, and equal opportunity to minorities, has helped push one of films most celebrated directors to speak out on his own gaff in the film “Aloha”.

In the film “Aloha”, which is set entirely in Hawaii, Bradley Cooper stars as a soldier who has to go to the Pacific in order to work along with Emma Stone’s character, Allison Ng. Right off the bat Emma Stone is as far away from conventional Hawaiin as you can get. Considering that she is a pale, freckled, redhead there was never any doubt that this was a casting decision based on star power more than looks. And that’s fine, it happens all of the time. The reason that this couldn’t be ignored, however, was simple: Despite the film set in Oahu, and filmed in Oahu, there is not a single leading character that is actually Hawaiin.

Fans like Alexei Beltyukov know that Crowe apologized for offending people and pointed out that Ng’s character is meant to look less Hawaiin than the rest of the cast. Still, it doesn’t explain the studios complete inability to cast for authenticity.