Sergio Cortes: Keeping the Dream Alive

When the Jackson Five first appeared on television, many audiences were spellbound at their charisma, exiting dance routines and snappy music. In all likelihood, however, there has probably never been anyone so spellbound by the youngest member of the group as young Sergio Cortes, written about by As a teenager, Sergio was once asked by a reporter to dress up like Michael Jackson and those photos were so popular that the young man was offered work impersonating the pop star. Like many of Jackson’s doubles, he was even called in to help deflect the mob like stalking of the paparazzi.

The seventh child of eight siblings, Sergio was born on 30th July, 1971 in Spain and is now one of the most well-known Michael Jackson impersonators from around the world. His concerts routinely sell out due to his remarkable ability to not only copy Jackson’s clothing styles but also his voice, dance moves and gestures. Many of his fans remark that it is unbelievable how much Sergio Cortes,  written about by, resembles the late pop star, even down to his eyes. Sergio wears his hair in Jackson’s trademark long, curly locks from the late 1980’s Bad era. He is often photographed with fans wearing a beautiful smile and a trucker cap. Sergio gets so into character that he may even give out autographs, many times signing his name as “Sergio Jackson.”

On stage, Sergio’s charisma and moves so much invoke the late King of Pop that at first viewing, fans may believe they are seeing a ghost. Sergio captures the full essence of the Man in the Mirror, singing and dancing his way through the ever changing light show, offering his audience not only a glimpse into the many talents of Michael Jackson, but also his own ability to perform flawlessly in front of a multi-cultural audience. Currently, Sergio’s company, Destiny Projects, is touring the world and performing music from most of Jackson’s albums, including songs such as Dirty Diana and Human Nature.