What Makes Good Visual Effects?

One thing that is often talked about in certain movies is the visual effects of the film. Certain movies are praised for having good visual effects, while others are criticized for bad visual effects. However, there are many different types of movies. One question stands is that what makes for good visual effects for a movie. One thing to understand is that just because a certain style of visual effects is good for a certain film does not mean it will be good for another film. For instance, an extremely realistic type of visual effects might not necessarily work that well for an action comedy as it would for a Sci-fi drama.

Good visual effects is not just meant to look realistic, it is meant to match the mood of the overall film. For instance, if a film is like a cartoon in its nature, then it is not necessary to have ultra-realistic visual effects. One can actually use a more cartoon like style for visual effects for this film. As a matter of fact, an ultra realistic style could actually backfire and ruin the whole experience for the audience.

There are certain filmmakers that understand the importance of matching the visual effects style to the mood. One of the filmmakers that match the visual effects to the style of the film is John Textor. John Textor has worked on plenty of films that relied on visual effects. He has taken the time to match the visual effects with the other aspects of films he has worked on.