Bruce Campbell Reprises His Role of Ash in a Starz Series This Fall

For anyone who loves horror movies with an edge you may immediately think of Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, or Friday the 13th, but one franchise helped to bring a little humor to the horror genre. That’s right, we’re talking about the Evil Dead. According to Brad Reifler, Bruce Campbell built his career on his unique character that just couldn’t win against the hordes of the dead. But that’s just the thing. His career isn’t over yet.

This fall, the boomstick-carrying bad boy Ash is going to hit Starz in the new series Ash vs. Evil Dead. The first 10-episode season goes into the future 30 years after the events of Army of Darkness. Ash failed to stop the Evil Dead, and lives in a world he himself created. In fact, Ash hasn’t really changed at all. He’s still a bum, only this time he’s got some help from his coworkers at the Value Stop Pablo and Kelly. Here’s hoping they’ve got street smarts or something useful to contribute, because Ash has a chainsaw arm. Pretty hard to fight against that.

After an invasion of the Evil Dead, Ash has to grab his gear and go out with a final bang. Will he finally come to terms with the errors of his past? Will the Evil Dead ever stop? Find out this fall just how hardcore Ash can get in his final battle against the hordes of the possessed.