The Remarkable and Distinguished Haidar Barbouti

An Above Average Career
Haidar Barbouti is a distinguished individual with an impressive and above average career. The highlight of his career has been focused in real estate and numerous property investments. This would also include the United States. His property investments has been all through the entire world. Haidar Barbouti has been the driving force within his families real estate investments.

A Man with Experience
Haidar Barbouti is a man with a wealth of experience to offer the world. He has well over 20 years experience within the professional business world. He is known as a leader in Texas. Mr. Barbouti had obtained a shopping center in Houston. This is considered to be historic center. He holds the function of being responsible for 150 million dollars worth of property. He leases this retail property. He is well involved in the negotiations of the leases. Experience and Haidar Barbouti are a great combination in Texas. His involvement in real estate began in 1986.

Mr. Barbouti had obtained his education at Columbia University. His experience in real estate investments and his education and his long list of responsibilities and experience have earned him his credentials. His responsibilities also include portfolio management and restructure in the Highland Village Center. The numerous real estate operations and investments have offered many a wealth of knowledge. This is an individual with a long list of credentials.

Children, Animals and Kind Acts
Haidar Barbouti is not just about business and his career. He has a soft spot for children as well as animals. He is known all over Houston for his kind and generous acts. He has such a tender spot for the vulnerable that he even donated retail space for the creation of Highland Village Adoption center. This is for animals. This is a man who is highly remarkable in his professional life and a man of compassion.