One Life to Live Soap Opera

One Life To Live is a soap opera that began airing back in 1968 on ABC. The show ran for over 40 years on TV and ended its television run in January of 2012. For a few short months in 2013 One Life To Live was a web series on Hulu and Itunes however in September of 2013 the show was put on hiatus.

One Life To Live or OLTL was set in a fictional town located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and followed the lives and relationships of the very wealthy Lord family as well as a few other families. The Lord family’s patriarch is a wealthy newspaper publisher as well as owner of Lord enterprises which owns a group of different companies. The Lord matriarch passed away while giving birth to her second daughter. The daughters live with their father in a gorgeous estate with the fictional name of Llanfair. Over the course of 43 years we see the Lord family get in and out of many different relationships and situations.

One Life To Live has seen dozens and dozens of characters over the years. One of the most notable characters being Stacy Morasco played by the talented and beautiful Crystal Hunt. Stacy Morasco was sister to the ever popular Gigi a beloved character on OLTL. Stacy was a stripper working in Las Vegas when she spots Gigi and Rex having a great time. Stacy becomes obsessed with Rex even following him and girlfriend Gigi back to Llanview on a secret mission to sleep with Rex. After spending time after time trying to get to Rex, Stacy finally succeeds and gets her sisters boyfriend to sleep with her. When Stacy becomes pregnant with Rex’s baby she thinks she has it all figured out until a miscarriage ruins her plans. Rather than give up on her and Rex, Stacy then sleeps with Oliver in the hopes of getting pregnant and pretending it is Rex baby. Stacy gets pregnant by Oliver, lies and says it belongs to Rex, gets kidnapped and finally admits the truth about her unborn child. In the aftermath of her secret Stacy ventures out to find her sister only to fall into a frozen lake and die.

Stacy Morasco may have died on the show by Crystal Hunt went on to play many different characters afterwords even getting into executive producing recently. Hunt has appeared in films such as Derby Stallion, Sydney White and the ever popular TV show Guiding Light. More recently Hunt has appeared in the movie Magic Mike XXL and also in Queens of Drama. In 2015 she was the executive producer of Talbot County her first feature film. Crystal Hunt has also owned her own high end pet boutique named My Pets Dream Boutique in her hometown in Florida. Although she has been in the acting world for many years now she shows no signs of slowing down if her Facebook presence is any indication.