The Real Life Love Story

The Notebook, Time Traveler’s Wife, and The Vow, are all novels of fiction that are crazy enough to have never happened. That is until present day. There is now a reported case of a marriage that has just taken place between a couple who, for the second time have attempted to get married. This is happening for the second time because, just like in the novels, the woman had suffered from amnesia from a car crash.

In Bristol, a man and his fiance have finally renewed their vows. The catch is is that they are getting married for the second time due to a car accident. Alexei Beltyukov has learned that the wife had been in a car accident and had completely forgotten about her past wedding sue to the amnesia. His wife had barely survived the accident which had occurred 19 days after their first wedding.

The husband, Jerry Stamper, had then taken action to start a crowd-fundraising page in order to raise money for a second wedding, one the she could remember. With a goal of about 5,000 dollars, they have reached about half of that. Stamper wants to do this for his already wife so that she can at least have the memory of their wedding. August 1st is their set date which although is coming up soon, will be a spectacular even to attend for both the couple as well as the audience.

Channing Tatum Talks About Gambit Role

Early this morning, Thursday, July 2, Screen Rant reported that Channing Tatum has been struggling to find the “right” accent for the character Gambit in the character origin film of the same name.

According to Ivan Ong and Tatum, in an interview with DigitalSpy, explained that he never just picks a “generic” accent when acting. Instead, he looks for someone who has the accent he believes will work best. He has not yet found that person or accent.

Some fans of Taylor Kitsch’s performance as Gambit have pointed out that Kitsch did not seem to have a problem with finding the right one. Perhaps, Tatum needs to watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine for some inspiration?

Tatum also hinted that he will not be wearing the more vibrant and flashy colors that Gambit is known for in the comic books, as he feels that there needs to be a connection to “reality.”

There have been critics in the past who have argued that Tatum tries to control things like costumes and dialogue in movie roles far too much. Over the last week, there has been some speculation that the male-only Ghostbusters film is no longer being talked about because Tatum gave his input that the film should not be released, or even put into production, at the same time as the female-only one.

It remains to be seen what will happen with Gambit.

Netflix Is Taking a Bite Out of Cable Company’s Business

Netflix has been making inroads into the market share typically enjoyed by traditional cable TV service providers. If a company is looking for an industry to challenge by offering services in an innovative manner, they couldn’t pick a better industry to go up against than the major cable companies. These companies, such as Time Warner Cable and Comcast, consistently finish among the worst businesses across America in customer satisfaction surveys. It is estimated that if Netflix were rated like a television network by Nielsen, they would currently be as big as a major network like ABC or NBC stated Eric Pulier. 

Millennials are driving the growth of this online streaming media service because they want the convenience of watching what they want when they want. The dated model of having to spread television shows out over a season in order to line up and sell advertising space on networks just can’t compete with Netflix’ subscription service model where people can download and watch an entire season of a show over a weekend and be talking about it with their co-workers around the water cooler on Monday morning. It turns that people cutting the cord and subscribing to services like Netflix to watch their movies and shows their way was not just a passing fad and poses a serious threat to the entrenched cable monopoly. What’s more, based on how they seem to treat their customers, apparently no one will miss them.


As the fourth film installment, Jurassic World had an enormous success in this past weekend.


According to The Verge, Jurassic World has collected a whopping $511.8 million worldwide. This opening weekend record makes the film the first to break a half a billion dollars over its opening weekend. No other film studio even tried to compete with the extraordinary dinosaur film this past weekend.


Jurassic World’s success comes from huge numbers at IMAX theaters, and large chain movie theaters. Approximately half of the box office statistics came from ticket sales for 3D format screenings. Fans at FreedomPop ( are glad to know that the major adventurous film made $44.1 million globally from IMAX theaters alone.


Audiences in every age demographic turned out to see Jurassic World in theaters. 39 percent of viewers were under the age of 25. This data signifies the massive interest of both the new generation and fans of those who saw the third installment, Jurassic Park in 1993. Interestingly, the film resonates not only with audience in America, but with viewers from all over the world.


The movie marks yet another massive hit for the main star. Chris Pratt had successful roles in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and The Lego Movie.


Along side Harrison Ford, Chris Pratt is set to star in the next Indiana Jones movie. Working under the direction of Steven Spielberg, Pratt has a bright future.


Cameron Crowe Opens up on Emma Stone Casting Choice in ‘Aloha’

We are increasingly finding ourselves in an era of entertainment that is finally being held accountable for its choices in casting. For as far back as there have been movies, or plays, casting characters has always been about giving the majority what they expect to see rather than what is true to life. This means that you’d get famous white American actors playing every race on the planet, routinely displacing casts that should have had mixed actors. Now the public’s desire to see reality, and equal opportunity to minorities, has helped push one of films most celebrated directors to speak out on his own gaff in the film “Aloha”.

In the film “Aloha”, which is set entirely in Hawaii, Bradley Cooper stars as a soldier who has to go to the Pacific in order to work along with Emma Stone’s character, Allison Ng. Right off the bat Emma Stone is as far away from conventional Hawaiin as you can get. Considering that she is a pale, freckled, redhead there was never any doubt that this was a casting decision based on star power more than looks. And that’s fine, it happens all of the time. The reason that this couldn’t be ignored, however, was simple: Despite the film set in Oahu, and filmed in Oahu, there is not a single leading character that is actually Hawaiin.

Fans like Alexei Beltyukov know that Crowe apologized for offending people and pointed out that Ng’s character is meant to look less Hawaiin than the rest of the cast. Still, it doesn’t explain the studios complete inability to cast for authenticity.

Eddie Redmayne to Star in Latest Harry Potter Spin-Off

Oscar award winner, Eddie Redmayne joins the cast of the upcoming Harry Potter spin-off, Fantastic Beasts. The acceptance process was reportedly delayed when Redmayme requested to read the finished script. This is understandable considering the plot twists Rowling’s actors have had to endure in the past. Redmayne will be playing the part of Newt Scamander, a “magizoologist”.

The film, Fantastic Beasts, is to be the first in a new series based on a book that was published in 2001. Fans like Mark Ahn know that the book is a textbook read by the Harry Potter students in the main Harry Potter series. Set in New York City about 70 years before the events of Harry’s story. The book details the adventures of Newt Scamander, and is said by Rowling to be an extension of the wizarding world. So fans shouldn’t expect to see appearances from older characters in the original series such as Dumbledor, or Professor McGonagall.

X-Men Days of Future Past: A completely different movie?

You may fondly recall last year’s box office hit X-Men: Days of Future Past, but for many avid comic book readers and those who watched the television show in the 1990’s this movie may have been a jaw-dropping slap to the face. There were many vital differences in the film adaptation of the story, several of which are supposed to be remedied in a re-release of the film with an Extended Rogue Cut.

A vast difference in the film from the comics is that Wolverine didn’t play as big a part as he did in the movies. This is something a few at Amen Clinics noticed. Instead of Wolverine being sent back in time, in the comics Kitty Pryde was the one who was sent back in time. Also, she was sent back in time to the 1980’s instead of the 1970’s. This change was made by producers since they didn’t want the younger Professor X and Magneto to be too far on their development to their future selves. Simple enough to fix, right?

Well according to rumors, some behind the scenes conclusions led to Anna Paquin being almost completely taken out of the film. The original concept was for Rogue mimic Kitty Pryde’s power to send Wolverine back in time after Pryde is injured in a sentinel assault. There was also a sub-plot to rescue Rogue in the beginning as well.

Lucky for fans or either direction of the film, the original intention of the film will be honoring Rogue’s part on DVD July 14th, 2015. Eat your heart out, X-Men fans!