Britney Has A Backup Plans Since “Pretty Girls” Flopped

Everyone has heard about the song “Pretty Girls” by Britney Spears, and the song features Iggy Azalea. The song became popular only because of the fact that it was not popular. Britney Spears & DJ Mustard. A better explanation is the fact that everyone was expecting the song to do so well and it didn’t, and there was a Twitter beef between Iggy and Britney over the song. Fans were blaming the two artists for the fact that the song didn’t become a hit, but Iggy squarely placed the blame on Britney. Mega fan Zeca Oliveira knows that Britney hit back at Iggy over the song, but now their beef is squashed.

Even though the two are no longer beefing, Britney still wouldn’t mind having a new hit song. Britney was known for having many hit songs in the past, and most artists love to continue having hit songs until they are ready to retire. Since Britney is nowhere near ready to retire, she wants to continue putting out one hit song after another. Since her song Pretty Girls didn’t do so well, Britney Spears has another plan. Britney plans to work with DJ Mustad in the near future.

Britney Spears will be working with DJ Mustard, but it’s not certain what she will be working on. She may work to redistribute her current song Pretty Girls, or she may be working on an entire album with DJ Mustard. Hopefully, DJ Mustard will help to propel Britney Spears back to the top again.