A new show, Aquarius which takes place in 1967, is coming to NBC beginning
May 28,2015, on Thursday night at 9/8c. David Duchovny plays Sam Hodiak, a homicide detective, who is appalled at what’s going on in the city where he has agreed to police. Fans at AnastasiaDate know that he’ll be dealing with many world changing events taking place such as, cheap drugs, free love, high crime rates, protesting for various reasons, the recurrence of police brutality, Empowered Blacks, and the Vietnam War.

When sixteen year old Emma Kain, played by Emma Dumont, the daughter of Hodiak’s old girl friend goes missing, Hodiak vows to find her. Brian Shafe played by Grey Damon joins Hodiak in the search for Emma. Even though the two have extreme differences in their modus of operandi, the differences do not interfere with their efforts to find Emma. It has become critical that she be found because she has joined a small group that is being run by a man who has made a career of being a criminal and that is Charles Manson.