Rebooting for Profits

Hollywood has discovered the best way to make profits: rebooting movies that people have already seen. In theory, this seems like a crazy idea. When people already know what the end is going to be it seems rather insane to believe that they would be inclined to watch. The reality, however, is that rebooting movies works. Anyone that doubts this should just look at “Jurassic World” and the $511 million profit that it made at the box office.

It is easy to see how a movie like this could be a box office smash. People were already familiar with it. Sure the name has change from “Jurassic Park” to “Jurassic World,” but the premise remains the same. The name change is a mere technically. The premise is the same. People wanted to see a movie with large deadly creatures on the big screen.

A reboot for a movie like this is successful because technology changes so much over the years. High definition has increased the viewing pleasure for the fans. The CGI technology is also better. and Sam Tabar noted that there are so many opportunities to make this look a lot more real than it was before. That is the thing that makes the reboot work so well.

It worked. People came out and supported it. What critics did not know was that this movie – regardless of how it was reviewed – would make box office history.