The Benefit of 990 Sells

The 990 Company is one of the best real estate listing companies on the internet. The company is named “990” because they offer home selling services with only a $990 charge. What a deal! Mr. Gregory D. Hague is the founder of the 990 sells homes. The firm would not be where they are today without the help of Mr. Hague.

Gregory Hague attended Miami University from 1967 to 1971. Mr. Hague earned a bachelor’s degree. He then went on to the Washington College of Law, which is a part of the prestigious American University located in the District of Columbia.

Mr. Gregory Hague started selling real estate when he was only 18. Just eight years later, he earned the certifications to practice law. Such talent is rare to come across. He started working at his family’s real estate firm, Hague Realtors. Hague Realtors is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and one of the biggest firms in that region. When he was 30, he branched off and decided he wanted to start his own real estate firm. Mr. Gregory Hague founded Heritage House Real Estate.

A year after HHRE’s inception, the firm employed in excess of two hundred employees, proving it as one of the largest real estate companies in Cincinnati. More recently, in 2013, he created his own law firm known as the Hague Law Group. It is one of the highest rated law firms on the popular website Avvo.

The 990 Company is one of the most reputable real estate companies based online in the United States. The 990 Company helps sell homes online, as well, which not many other real estate firms online can provide. It is typically cheap to get a real estate agent to sell a home, but usually it is only 990 dollars.

To find more about what the 990 Company stands for, their official website is The 990 Company is easy to contact and talk to in finding more about selling a home. They can be contacted by both phone and e-mail. Representatives can also provide you with more information about the company if needed.