Marvel to Run the Spider-Man Show for Sony

When Marvel and Sony decided to join together to reboot Spider-Man, no one really understood how the joint venture is going to work out. Sony owns the movie rights to Spider-Man so Marvel is limited in how it can influence the studio. Or, is it? Recently, Marvel Studios head, Kevin Feige, shed some light on how the two production houses are going to work together to restore the wall-crawler to cinematic greatness.

Basically, Marvel is going to do the heavy lifting and produce the solo Spider-Man film for Sony. What that means is Sony is putting the money up and handling the distribution and Marvel is being “hired” to produce the feature.

Marvel originally wanted the rights back since it felt Sony was ruining the character. Fans like Sam Tabar have found that Sony knew The Amazing Spider-Man films were botch jobs, but was not going to give up the rights to the character. Instead, Sony reached an agreement with Marvel to “share” Spider-Man and help rehab his fallen star. (BTW – While disappointing, The Amazing Spider-Man films did do extremely well at the box office)

Marvel could, if it wished, import its own cinematic characters into the Sony film. Whether or not Marvel actually is going to do that remains to be seen. Truthfully, it would be best to allow Spider-Man to gain his own identity without having to share scenes with other Marvel heroes. Yet, Marvel could bring another hero in for a cameo to help boost the box office – not that doing so would be necessary.