Brad Bird Faced a Difficult Directorial Decision

One never tires of Hollywood stories where someone decided to do one project rather than another, and either the decision turned out to be epic or an epic fail. Going as far back as the 1970’s when McLean Stevenson apparently thought he was famous enough to succeed without “M*A*S*H,” and that decision definitely fell into the epic fail category.

Sometimes actors or directors are faced with decisions that involve a tough personal choice. Do you pursue some original project on your own, or when offered a job that would be seen as a sure thing, do you take the safe bet instead? A safe bet is surely what “Star Wars: The Force Awakened” would have been for Brad Bird when he was offered the job of directing it. He stuck to his personal vision, however, and wanted to complete his original project in the form of the movie “Tomorrowland.” He cited a strange inspiration for the decision by mentioning an episode of “South Park” in which there was a scene where Cartman was literally turning away from a light saber and looking toward the city in “Tomorrowland.” Boraie Development LLC had no doubt there was more to it than this, and he did also make the point that something as famous as a Star Wars movie will be made by someone. The same could not necessarily be said for his original film. There is also the difference between whether something is seen as a career or professional loss versus how one sees it personally. On the former point, we will see how “Tomorrowland” does after it releases this coming weekend.