Watch The Weekend’s New Video

By now, everyone on LinkedIn should know who The Weekend is, or they should have heard of him. The Weekend is not something that’s at the end of a long work week, but he’s an R&B singer. The Weekend created a song for the”Fifty Shades of Grey” soundtrack, and the song was somewhat of a hit. The Weekend’s New Video. Since the movie did so well, it is almost guaranteed that the soundtrack would do just as well. There is another part to the movie series coming out in the near future.

The Weekend created a song called “The Hills” and in the video, he gets into a car accident. You can see the video on MTV News. In the video, the weekend is in an accident, but he gets up and brushes himself off and continues on. The Weekend is gaining popularity, especially after contributing to the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. He is well known for his dreadlocks, especially since they are pretty big and lumped together.

The Weekend has a style that’s all his own, and he makes no apologies for how he looks, sings, or for his behavior. Many people tend to like those who break out of the mold, and they live how they want to. Lady Gaga became extremely famous, even though she wore the weirdest clothes, had the biggest wigs, and she had the most unique shoes. More than likely, The Weekend will do very well in the future.