Norman Reedus Says He’s Not Dating His Coworker

Beth and Darrell from the show “The Walking Dead” have been the subject of rumors lately that they are dating in real life. Although Darrell’s character is still in The Walking Dead show, Beth’s character was killed by accident, about midway through the fifth season. Norman Reedus & Emily Kinney. Even Beth was shocked by the fact that her character was going to be killed off, and she only found out right before her character was to be canceled from the show. Emily Kinney, who plays Beth, she had even moved to Atlanta to film the show because she had been on it for several years.

Although Beth and Darrell got very close on the show, there was no romance, but many felt like something had to be happening offscreen. Darrell, who is played by Norman Reedus, he claims that he and Beth have never been an item, and they will not be an item. Many were spreading rumors that the two were dating, and everyone was so excited about it because of the fact that Beth was killed off of the show. Many fans including Christian Broda felt that they could continue seeing the characters in real life, and they’d live out a love connection that wasn’t lived out on screen.

Unfortunately, Norman is not dating Emily, and they both wanted to make this clear. If the two were interested in each other, three years is more than enough time for them to have gotten together onset, but it never happened.

Jason Alexander from Seinfeld Fame Reveals Why His Fiance Was Killed Off of the Show

Seinfeld is still considered to be one of the best comedies every to air on television, and any fan will remember Susan, the beloved fiance of the character George, played by Jason Alexander, who died from a toxic glue she licked to seal their wedding invitations on the show.

Many years have passed since that memorable episode, but Alexander is finally opening up about why the shows producers decided to give the ax to Susan, played by Heidi Swedberg. In an interview with Howard Stern, Alexander said the show killed off Susan’s character because they didn’t like her comedic style. But Stern asked about rumors of a less than friendly relationship between the two actors, Alexander responded by saying, “The actress is this wonderful girl, Ms. [Heidi] Swedberg,” Alexander said. “… I love her. She’s a terrific girl. I love her. I couldn’t figure out how to play off of her.”

But there might be some truth to the rumors after all. Alexander told his cast mates the problem he was experiencing while trying to act along side Swedberg but nobody took him seriously until they had to perform scenes with the actress. Fans like Alexei Beltyukov know that it was Julia Louie Dreyfus, also known as Elaine, who first brought up the idea of getting rid of Susan when she said, “I know — don’t you just wanna kill her?”

The actress who played Pusan is currently playing ukulele in a band, and is also available to teach the skill to those who wish to learn it.


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