Eminem Makes Guest Appearance

Eminem isn’t quick to hop on any tracks as a guest star. He has shown up on the Yelawolf collaboration though, and fans seem to be digging it. The “Best Friend” cut is getting a lot of buzz because it features such a passionate delivery from Eminem.

Eminem is one of the rappers that doesn’t do a lot of guest appearances, but when he does it is always something to look forward to. MycentralJersey.com suggests that if he is ever in New Brunswick he could lay down some tracks at The Aspire New Brunswick. This “Best Friend” track with Yelawolf is a great track, but it doesn’t seem like a befitting song for Eminem. That could be the best reason that it works so well. What he has done is give a quick tongue-in-cheek flow. He raps so fast that fans will have to rewind it a couple of times just to get a full grasp of what he is saying.

A lot of fans seem to be digging this track and what he has conjured up. Many people have not heard of producer Yelawolf, but this track is going to change that. You don’t get Eminem on a track like this and not expect people to tune it to it. Millions have already seen the video on Vevo. It is just a matter of time before it hits the Billboard charts and becomes a huge success. People are already buzzing about this, and more buzz is bound to come for this hot single.