iFunding Looking to Set Themselves Apart

iFunding is a company that is providing many individuals with the chance to invest in real estate deals that are worth the take by using crowdfunding. This firm is also determined to give real estate developers and operators quick and easy funds as well as provide the platform to create stable relations with their investors. Additionally, both the legal and the financial control of the projects are catered to by iFunding.

The crowdfunded investments that are offered by iFunding does not require an individual to have a huge amount of capital or a long list of contacts in the particular industry. Instead, one is bound to put in the money that is as low as $5000. Founder Skelley says on the website the focus of iFunding is in preferred equity investing as well as take charge of every business deal right from the beginning to ensure that the deal goes as planned to make maximum financial returns and also to create investment security in the crowdfunding market.

Joining iFunding is not hard particularly if you do it online. To begin with, you need to come up with your investor account before you can get the chance to start off the investment. An individual will then gain access to the pre-vetted real estate even with a small input of $5,000.

An individual has then gained access to review investments that have been put up in fine details. Here is where you obtain the information such as the estimated length of the investment, the returns that have been approximated and any other detail such as the location of the investment.

An investor could then be part of the webinars that are hosted hence displaying the real estate offering as well as answering questions that are frequently asked.

The chance to pick out an investment that is interesting is given, and the legal documents can be signed online as the payment is submitted.

iFunding was founded by William Skelley. He is also the Chief Executive of the real estate crowdfunding platform. Mr. Skelley easily adapted to the perception of the real estate crowdfunding, therefore, opting to start his company as he administrates it as well. Additionally, the man was well prepared as he had other businesses that kept him wealthy enough to go by the day. All the same, William had a boutique investment back.

The opportunities that are brought by to different clients from iFunding are remarkably profit oriented. Apart from loans that will help in development, one can come up with funds for multi-projects. With all that done and said, it is about time we awoke and faced the truth.  Check them out on Twitter, for updates about iFunding in real time.

U.S. Money Reserve will Finance the Setting up of the Lone Sailor Statue at Pearl Harbor

To appreciate the role played by people from different parts of the world in the provision of sea service, a Lone Sailor Statue will be set up at Pearl Harbor. U.S Money Reserve and U.S Navy Memorial announced on twitter this project jointly. The Statue shows gratitude to the people who put their life in danger to ensure the Sea is safe. The Lone Sailor is the major symbol of the Navy Memorial, and represents important values such as dedication to duty, and respect as well as honor. These values have kept the Navy strong and stable for a long period.


U.S. Money Reserve has been reported on Kusi.com, it will dedicate hundred percent of the sales made during its Pearl Harbor Gold and Silver Coins 75th anniversary for the Lone Sailor installation project. The anniversary marks events that took place on December 7, 1941. The funds committed to U.S. Naval Memorial will be used to finance the project.

Brief description of the bronze statue

The statue will be made of bronze and is a creation of Stanley Bleifeld, who offers sculptor services to the U.S. Navy Memorial. Two pieces will be used to make the statue. One piece will be comprised of a 7 feet tall Sailor weighing about 1000 Ibs. The second section will consist of cleat and sea bag weighing approximately 700 Ibs. To make the statue unique, steel originating from USS Arizona will be used to design its base.

U. S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve is a prominent dealer and distributor of gold, platinum products, and silver coins worldwide. The firm has its headquarters in Austin, Texas. The firm offers an opportunity for clients to convert their wealth into precious metals.

U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation

The Navy Memorial is strategically positioned in Pennsylvania Avenue in between the Capital and White House. It provides platforms for Navy service members to meet and celebrate their exemplary service. Additionally, it offers an opportunity for visitors to educate themselves on the achievements of men and women that have served in the Navy. The original article was published on Yahoo! Finance http://finance.yahoo.com/news/recognition-75th-anniversary-u-money-130000239.html

Brian Torchin is Providing Health Care Staffing Solutions

Brian Torchin and his Qualified Team
Brian Torchin and his team at HCRC are ready to assist you with all of your health care staffing needs. LinkedIn makes abundantly clear Brian Torchin is qualified to offer solutions. Brian Torchin is a health care professional who saw a need within this field. Mr. Torchin has put together a team of healthcare staffing experts. They are ready and available to find your facility above-average staff. Brian is the President of HCRC.

Brian Torchin and Staffing Challenges
Brian Torchin is well-informed about the challenges that are within the overall health care industry. Brian and his team at HCRC take pride in their ability to provide customized solutions for all of their customers. Brian has much experience in the staffing area in health care. The health care industry must face the high turnover rate with staffing while still maintaining high standards for each and every patient. It can prove to be a time consuming and costly process to find new staff in any facility. About.me is a good indicator that Mr. Torchin has the ability to find the right staff for every position . Every medical practice must be proactive with staffing. A successful practice will have quality staff who will provide exceptional health care to each patient.

Brian Torchin Saving Time and Money
Brian Torchin will save your practice time and money with the services that HCRC provide. The interview process may be too time consuming and costly for a medical practice. Brian Torchin will ensure that his services will lead to your success. The interview process will be handled and fully manage by Brian and his team at HCRC. These are customized solutions that will save any healthcare facility time, money, and worry. This will leave plenty of time for your patients. Worry-free staffing solutions are available with Brian Torchin and his qualified team.

Working in Every State Across American
Brian Torchin and of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors work all through the United States of America. They specialize in chiropractic services. This is a team that will provide a fast and highly efficient staffing approach. Exceptional staffing solutions happen in approximately 48 hours. Count on Brian Torchin all across America. Providing full or part time medical staffing. Brian can be found on Twitter where he is always talking healthcare.



There is an ongoing trend which has been promoted much by the dog food manufacturing companies. This twitter trend seeks to put dogs and other pets above human beings in dieting. There is a big wikipedia research going on in the dog food manufacture sector which seeks to bring out techniques of manufacturing better dog foods. Dieticians are now earning more in pet food manufacturing companies than in human food manufacturing firms. This is because pet owners are willing to buy the most expensive meals for their pets which are produced with the highest skill.

Beneful is a company is selling the most delicious dog meals in the market. This company uses all the food production approaches that were earlier reserved for the human food manufacture industry. It blends lamb, salmon, fruits, nuts and vegetables in the manufacture of dog meals. This brings about tasty recipes which can be eaten comfortably by a human. As a matter of fact, this company produces dog foods that are in way better than some of the foods eaten by humans. This is done with a motive of producing foods that will be eaten with utmost ease and comfort by the dogs. Nobody would want to buy dog foods that are rich nutrients but lack the flavor to entice the dog into eating them.

Anyone considering to buy dog foods that have been manufactured to cater for the all the health needs in dogs should consider the brand name Beneful. This company has different types of dog meals which are fed to the dogs according to their ages and gender. The food to be fed to a puppy would differ in its nutritional components from the food that would work for an adult dog. Weight control diets in dogs are new innovations in the pet food industry. Baneful now has whatever would be needed to bring down a puppy’s weight.

The campaigns which aim at giving dogs better meals than humans is bound succeed. Many companies including Purina, Petcare and Freshpet are working in line with this camapaign and pretty soon, dog food will be sold expensively.



Gourmet Dog Food Recipes

New innovations in dog food production have led to premium dog food sales. The big dog food companies have come to the realization that dog food should be just as appetizing and delectable as people’s food. Freshpet, a gourmet-food manufacturer, has just released a product named the Chunky Chicken and Turkey recipe. The chef tastes a piece of it to show how appetizing the food is. Though skeptical of the profit margins with the expenses of using real chicken and meat, Wall Street is optimistic that the companies can capture a niche that was not covered before. The companies are now obsessed with high quality dog food made from scratch with real products to create gourmet meals for man’s best friend. The pet food industry is winning the hearts of pet owners who see this as a welcome relief from homemade dog food when in search of good quality food. http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20151122/business/151129983/

Beneful is a high quality food for dogs that is very beneficial to the pet’s health. As a leading brand in dog food, Beneful has eight dry dog foods that are for all life stages and life maintenance. Beneful has been keen to meet the requirements set by AAFCO Nutrient profiles. The recipes are; Beneful Original, Beneful Playful Life, Beneful Incredibites, Beneful Healthy Fiesta, Beneful Healthy Weight, Beneful Healthy Weight, Beneful Radiance and lastly, Beneful Healthy Growth for Puppies.

The products by Beneful are made from wholesome foods which include corn, chicken by product meal, meat and bones meal, and whole wheat flour. Corn is inexpensive but it provides a good starch for the dogs. It is especially beneficial to the dogs as it provides energy content. Corn makes a good meal for the dog, and cannot miss in any Beneful preparation for its nutrient and satiety value.

Chicken by product meal is a waste that is collected form slaughterhouses that consists of chicken feet, beaks and underdeveloped eggs. The meal makes a good source for protein which is very beneficial in the development and growth of the dog. The healthy meal is ground into the Beneful recipes for a tantalizing chicken taste.

The Beneful products have enough meat and starch content without being too enthusiastic on gourmet dog food, yet presenting the pets with a decent meal at a cheap fee. The company is a wonderful pet food manufacturer that adds value to the quality of dog food being prepared for our wonderful pets.


My Dog Is Excited For Beneful Premium Food

My dog keeps me company. She is my companion, and she is loyal to me. She’s never ran away from home, and she walks with me without even having to use a leash. She’s my little friend, and I care so much about her and her health. That is why I am constantly doing research on pet food companies and the foods they make. I want to make sure that she is being taken care of right, and that’s a lot of responsibility because she can’t tell me if the food she’s eating isn’t right.

When I first got her as a puppy, I wasn’t sure what kind of dog food was right to buy for her, so I tried to follow my instinct. I went with Beneful by Purina because it has some of the best ingredients in it. It is made with high quality ingredients that other pet food companies don’t know the value of. I even found this article recently that was written by the Daily Herald. The article is all about premium companies, like Beneful. It makes me feel like a responsible pet owner when I read this information about the companies that I trust to provide fine, nutritious products for my pooch. Beneful makes a product that I trust, and they have several other products that I would recommend for others to try.

I trust Beneful to make their delicious smelling wet food out of the high quality ingredients listed on the packaging. My dog can taste the difference, and I know she’s happier eating premium foods. I like Beneful because it has real pieces of chicken and real vegetables in their foods. I haven’t seen any other dog food that looks as good as Chopped Blends from Beneful. It honestly looks like it could be passed off as food for people. It smells fresh and like a dog’s food should smell. My dog gets so excited when I go to the kitchen, open up the cabinets and take out a pack of Chopped Blends for her. If you want to read that article, click this link.



What George Soros Would Say to 2016 Investors

The Ideas of George Soros

George Soros holds the viewpoint that the stock market is unpredictable and operates on laws of irrational behavior. In a Fool.com article, the philosophy of George Soros seemed to have played out as the stock market shifted in 2015. The market got off to a decent start during the first half of 2015, but with increasing threats from ISIL, crashing oil prices, and political uncertainty, the second part of 2015 saw the market’s mood swing wildly. The S&P 500 ended the year essentially flat.

Why Listen to George Soros

George Soros achieved an extremely high level of success as an investor in the stock market, which is why his ideas hold so much weight with current investors. He was head of the Quantum Fund with tenure, and during this time, he achieved yearly returns for investors in excess of 30%. He holds a reputation as one of the best hedge fund managers to have ever existed, and he has been thought of as second to only Warren Buffett. He also makes a strong point in that what should happen in the market rarely works out as expected.

Evidence to Support Claims

Recent happenings in biotech stocks support the philosophy of George Soros. In 2010, analysts and pundits deemed biotech stocks in general as dangerous, but the great success of iShares Nasdaq Biotech ETF contradicts this prediction of danger. This biotech stock grew 307% from the beginning of 2010 through the end of 2015. Another example of the market’s erratic nature is seen in the low performance of Gilead Sciences. Gilead should have been top-performing in 2015 based on a projected growth rate of 30%, but the stock ended up growing a mere 9.2%. Cancer drugmaker Exelixis started out with a weak overall financial outlook, but it outperformed Gilead with a gain of over 240%.

What Should Investors Do in 2016

As a bottom line according to George Soros, investors should not bother with trying to predict the market when it behaves erratically. Instead, they should prepare to take advantage of dips in the market and stay invested in case the market changes its trajectory in 2016.

Quality Dog Food From Beneful Is Best

The subject of what to feed our animals has always been a hot subject to research in my household. My wife and I have been competing to find the most conclusive article about dog food and our pet’s health. I found one the other day from the Daily Herald that beats all. It talks about what actually goes on in premium dog food manufacturing on wikipedia.org. I was amazed to see how careful these companies are about what ingredients go into their food. It was a good feeling to know that I am doing the responsible thing as a pet owner by providing the most nutritious foods for my furry friend.

Buying Beneful Is Best

My dogs are picky about what they eat for dinner. They like to eat something that tastes good. Can you blame them? I would turn my nose up to the cheap foods if I was a dog, so I can’t blame my dogs for not eating the cheap stuff. I buy Beneful because it is a premium dog food made with high quality ingredients that dogs love. I like to buy them the Chopped Blends for the weekends, as a treat. The Chopped Blends is a wet food made by Beneful that comes in 20 different flavors, so you know that your dog will find something to like in all those options. My dogs love the kind made with salmon, so I stick to buying the salmon Beneful Chopped Blends.

I usually feed them Beneful Chopped Blends Original Dry Dog Food during the week as their main staple for nutrition because it is made with real chicken. They have another kind made with real beef that my dogs like just as much. They also have a kind made with salmon, but we haven’t tried that yet. Between the dry dog food, the wet dog food and the dog treats, Beneful on youtube offers a large variety of choices for every dog to find the taste they appreciate. 

If you are wanting to read up more on the quality dog foods, then you should check out this article here. 

New refrigerated dog food one of the options for dog owners

Dogs are a popular pet all around the world, especially in the US and all dog owners want to feed their pets the best possible foods, as well as to give them options to keep them healthy and happy and not bored with their meals. One of the dog food companies working to make the best possible choices for dogs and their owners is Purina, who also make the Beneful line of dog foods. Beneful line of dog food includes eight types of dry dog food, 20 types of wet dog food, and 11 types of treats. Since 2001, Beneful has proudly made their dog food products with real meat, vegetables, and wants your pet to enjoy their meal with various flavors and textures of food products available. Other types and brands of foods for your dog One of the newest innovations in dog food is from the Freshpet, Inc. dog food company, and it is a tube of refrigerated dog food that you slice and feed to your dog. One of the flavors of this refrigerated food is Chunky Chicken and Turkey. It has only fresh ingredients, no preservatives and a limited shelf life, which is why it must be refrigerated. It’s made in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and is part of a growing market in refrigerated dog food products that is estimated at over $23 billion dollars. It is part of dog food companies making healthier and nutritious products. Other places like Blue Buffalo dog food company also are touting better foods, and make organic and grain free foods with lamb and salmon in them for dogs. Colgate-Palmolive even lets owners customize their dog’s food and create special blends of dog food according to their pet’s needs, and Nutro Farm Harvest dog food has fruits like cranberries and blueberries to enhance dog’s health and nutrition. Plus, the Mars’ Cesar Home Delights brand touts feeding your dog food like you like yourself and has lasagna and beef stroganoff for dogs, and Milo’s Kitchen brand of dog products has duck flavored jerky and grilled beef burger treats for your pet to be spoiled and happy. The bottom line is companies like Beneful are working hard to bring better, more nutritious, healthy and fun products for your pet.

Dedicated to their Clients

Status Labs has a good reputation for providing search engine optimization towards their clients. They specialize in digital footprints and image management. Overall, the main goal of the company is to increase sales, via digital marketing and public relations strategy, of multiple clients. Although the lab is headquartered in Austin, Texas, several of their offices exist in New York and Sao Paulo. They also assist several individuals via online interaction throughout 35+ countries.

Alongside promoting the growth of sales to its clients, they strive to provide advice towards successful PR pitches. Their five tips for developing creating a public relations pitch include the following:

1. Stay relevant to the topic of interest

– Unless there is a journalist that can cover the topic that is being pitched, consider finding a new one.

2. Keep it quick and simple

– Many journalists are drilled with emails on their phones and might not be able to contact everyone. Therefore, keep every email pitch short (limited to six sentences) and simple. It’s also important to be considerate and post any press releases on the bottom of the email, giving the journalist an option to read it.

3. Get familiar with your contacts.

– Gaining additional insight on the journalist is extremely important. Adding the person (who’s managing the pitch) to social media, or sharing their personal articles are several ways to achieve a more personal connection.

4. Be Courteous

– Create requests when it’s convenient for the journalist, give them credible information and top-quality photographs to appropiately represent any work. This will allow the journalist to have a better interest towards participating in any projects.

5. Incorporate characteristics of a story-teller within a pitch.

– Timing, significance, proximity, prominence and human interest are several qualities that a journalist desires in any piece of work that they thoroughly analyze.

Status Labs never falls short of conveying professionalism. Founder and CEO of Status Labs, Maxwell Fisher, envisions future success for the company. In addition, he’s a respectable figure to neighboring companies. For instance, he shared his take on an Instagram post posted by Ryan Holmes. The CEO of Hootsuite posted a photo of his hand on a drink with the following caption: “Cheers to my homies.” The post was made shortly after 65 employees were laid off of Hootsuite.Fisher, along with a 17-year old public relations vet and Hootsuite’s communications manager Sandy Pell, offered encouraging words of wisdom towards this outbreak. He advised all executives to “represent their company’s voice, even if it’s on their personal social media platforms.”