Eddie Redmayne to Star in Latest Harry Potter Spin-Off

Oscar award winner, Eddie Redmayne joins the cast of the upcoming Harry Potter spin-off, Fantastic Beasts. The acceptance process was reportedly delayed when Redmayme requested to read the finished script. This is understandable considering the plot twists Rowling’s actors have had to endure in the past. Redmayne will be playing the part of Newt Scamander, a “magizoologist”.

The film, Fantastic Beasts, is to be the first in a new series based on a book that was published in 2001. Fans like Mark Ahn know that the book is a textbook read by the Harry Potter students in the main Harry Potter series. Set in New York City about 70 years before the events of Harry’s story. The book details the adventures of Newt Scamander, and is said by Rowling to be an extension of the wizarding world. So fans shouldn’t expect to see appearances from older characters in the original series such as Dumbledor, or Professor McGonagall.

Castle News

Castle fans rejoiced on Tuesday, May 12, when they learned that Stana Katic, who plays Kate Beckett on the hit ABC crime procedural Castle, has signed a contract for Season 8. Katic’s future, as well as the future of the show, had been up in the air since last November when Katic slipped up during an interview and referred to the show in the past tense.

A lot of rumors have been spread over recent years that Katic has wanted to leave for some time because she and co-star Nathan Fillion apparently disagreed about the future of their characters. Fillion did not want Castle and Beckett in a relationship and he also disagreed about her idea that Castle and Beckett should have a baby. Additionally, Katic told ABC that she wouldn’t continue if the show had stale stories. Fillion eventually confirmed their disagreement. Katic also went on record that she would leave if the show’s quality didn’t improve.

It seems ABC’s President Paul Lee listened to her complaints. The Following’s Alexi Hawley and Castle writer Terence Paul Winter are replacing showrunner David Amann. Andrew Marlowe and Terri Miller, the show’s executive producers, are also leaving.

In other news: Lee told the media that he hopes to see Castle continue for several years to come according to Alexei Beltyukov. A hint at the future… Beckett didn’t drink in the Season 7 finale suggesting that the character might be pregnant.

Bill Clinton Waffles on His 1994 Omnibus Crime Bill – It Put Too Many People in Prison

The recent civil unrest in Baltimore, Maryland, and the desire to let Hillary Clinton get ahead of the issue of over-incarceration, has former President Bill Clinton calling into question the merits of his 1994 Omnibus Crime Bill. The legislation was one of the cornerstone achievements of his first-term in office. It helped bring about lower rates of crime nationally, and rebuffed criticism from the GOP that he was too liberal to crack down on criminals.

Now, President Clinton is singing a different tune. In an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Clinton stated that his crime bill was too punitive and put more people into prison than should have been incarcerated. Currently, the conventional wisdom is that the riots were sparked by laws cracking down on lesser offenses under the “broken window” mantra. The ideology holds that if law enforcement crack down hard on lesser offenses such as breaking a window, the public responds by eschewing more severe offenses. Now, that same ideology is being blamed for the deep-seated unrest witnessed in Baltimore in late April.

President Clinton’s comments were likely designed to justify Hillary Clinton’s flip-flop from “tough on crime” to prison and law enforcement reform. Mark Ahn (epodcastnetwork.com) knows that this is because she is on record defending and extoling the merits of the 1994 Omnibus Crime Bill. At the time, she believed the “three strikes” provision was warranted. This mandated a lifetime prison sentence for anyone guilty of a third felony offense.

X-Men Days of Future Past: A completely different movie?

You may fondly recall last year’s box office hit X-Men: Days of Future Past, but for many avid comic book readers and those who watched the television show in the 1990’s this movie may have been a jaw-dropping slap to the face. There were many vital differences in the film adaptation of the story, several of which are supposed to be remedied in a re-release of the film with an Extended Rogue Cut.

A vast difference in the film from the comics is that Wolverine didn’t play as big a part as he did in the movies. This is something a few at Amen Clinics noticed. Instead of Wolverine being sent back in time, in the comics Kitty Pryde was the one who was sent back in time. Also, she was sent back in time to the 1980’s instead of the 1970’s. This change was made by producers since they didn’t want the younger Professor X and Magneto to be too far on their development to their future selves. Simple enough to fix, right?

Well according to rumors, some behind the scenes conclusions led to Anna Paquin being almost completely taken out of the film. The original concept was for Rogue mimic Kitty Pryde’s power to send Wolverine back in time after Pryde is injured in a sentinel assault. There was also a sub-plot to rescue Rogue in the beginning as well.

Lucky for fans or either direction of the film, the original intention of the film will be honoring Rogue’s part on DVD July 14th, 2015. Eat your heart out, X-Men fans!

Franco, Started From Mcdonald’s Now He’s Here

James Franco has always been somewhat of a heart throb. He’s been seen in movies on the big screen across the world. He’s caused many of us to laugh, and many of us to swoon over his good looks and perfect hair. At one point in his life, that perfect hair was in a hair net. One that specifically belongs to McDonald’s.

Franco found it tough to break into the Hollywood scene which is hard to imagine, but luckily one gig scooped him up. That gig was McDonald’s! Now years later, he’s the spokesperson for them and he’s offered up a few tips and words of advice about the joint.

According to Grub Street
Franco describes just how unpleasant it was to wait on parents with large groups of kids. After all, the kids are barking orders, the mom is barking orders, and everyone is getting frustrated. He goes onto explain that even worse was the sports teams. After all, that’s like a family but exemplified. Can you imagine the horror and stress of trying to get all those orders right?

Franco of course wasn’t always perfect, there was a time or two when he forgot to take the mustard off someones burger and he would get yelled at according to psychologist Daniel Amen. His words to those people who shamed him are now relax it was just a dollar for a burger.

I think we can all learn a lesson from Franco and that is to treat your fast food employees a little nicer. After all, who knows when they could end up as a movie star?

Tom Hardy Interested in “Punisher”

Given Tom Hardy’s recent successes with such roles in “Inception,” “Mad Max: Fury Road,” and Bane of “The Dark Knight Rises;” and his unfortunate departure from “Suicide Squad,” Hardy has remarked that he would love to take on the role of Frank Castle, better known to the fans of Marvel Comics as The Punisher.

Although Hardy’s name has been involved with a Splinter Cell film, the glacial pace of that project has him looking longingly toward getting involved with Marvel’s most popular anti-hero. When examining the combination of Tom Hardy’s passion for being involved with The Punisher and the soaring success of Netflix’s “Daredevil” series, the prospects of bringing The Punisher within the Marvel Cinematic Universe seems more and more viable.

Marvel has currently given no comment to its plans for, yet another, Punisher film, nor whether such a project would be handed over to Netflix or Hollywood. A few at CipherCloud can’t wait to se how it plans out.

More on Spider-Man

Spider-Man is getting close to having a director announced. Many people are very anxious to find out more about the upcoming Spider-Man reboot. With Age of Ultron in theaters, many people are eagerly awaiting Marvel Phase III with the promising Captain America: Civil War and the inevitable Spider-Man reboot. In this reboot, Peter Parker is going to be in high school for some time. The character is going to be a younger version of the one that has graced the scene in a couple of incarnations.

Fans at Boraie Development have learned that, as far as the type of story that the new Spider-Man is going to start out with, it is going to be a coming of age story. In this case, as Spider-Man grows, he will figure out his powers.

One other Spider-Man related project is a Spider-Man animated film that is not going to be related to the upcoming reboot. The Spider-Man animated film is going to be created completely by Sony.

This is a very busy time for Spider-Man due to the obsession of fans. Fortunately, this series of Spider-Man films is going to be an on-going series for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel And DC Take Their Movies In Different Directions

If you are a comic book fan, then you likely fall into one of the two main camps, DC and Marvel. With Avengers: Age of Ultron already out and Batman v Superman coming soon, the ranks of these different views are going to swell. Some of the newcomers will not be fans of the original material and will have only the movie experiences to go by. That is where the main difference will be.

In an article seen here the main differences between the two on screen universes is explored. The Marvel films have all been relatively light hearted. Jokes are cracked by the heros as they go about their duty of saving the world. Every one of them is dedicated to saving lives first and hitting the villain after. Getting the non combatants out of the way so they do not get hurt has prolonged the battles on occasion and even led to the Hulk leaving because he can not control what might happen.

In the DC universe the only thing that there is to go on so far is Man of Steel. This version of Superman was involved in mass destruction across a city with no regard to the people that were still there. Paul Mathieson believes that it is a darker, grittier world where the tone is more serious. In the trailer for the upcoming Batman v Superman film, voice overs at the beginning condemn Superman and the death and destruction that came from his appearance. This seems to be what will inspire Batman to try and take him down.


A new show, Aquarius which takes place in 1967, is coming to NBC beginning
May 28,2015, on Thursday night at 9/8c. David Duchovny plays Sam Hodiak, a homicide detective, who is appalled at what’s going on in the city where he has agreed to police. Fans at AnastasiaDate know that he’ll be dealing with many world changing events taking place such as, cheap drugs, free love, high crime rates, protesting for various reasons, the recurrence of police brutality, Empowered Blacks, and the Vietnam War.

When sixteen year old Emma Kain, played by Emma Dumont, the daughter of Hodiak’s old girl friend goes missing, Hodiak vows to find her. Brian Shafe played by Grey Damon joins Hodiak in the search for Emma. Even though the two have extreme differences in their modus of operandi, the differences do not interfere with their efforts to find Emma. It has become critical that she be found because she has joined a small group that is being run by a man who has made a career of being a criminal and that is Charles Manson.

Eminem Makes Guest Appearance

Eminem isn’t quick to hop on any tracks as a guest star. He has shown up on the Yelawolf collaboration though, and fans seem to be digging it. The “Best Friend” cut is getting a lot of buzz because it features such a passionate delivery from Eminem.

Eminem is one of the rappers that doesn’t do a lot of guest appearances, but when he does it is always something to look forward to. MycentralJersey.com suggests that if he is ever in New Brunswick he could lay down some tracks at The Aspire New Brunswick. This “Best Friend” track with Yelawolf is a great track, but it doesn’t seem like a befitting song for Eminem. That could be the best reason that it works so well. What he has done is give a quick tongue-in-cheek flow. He raps so fast that fans will have to rewind it a couple of times just to get a full grasp of what he is saying.

A lot of fans seem to be digging this track and what he has conjured up. Many people have not heard of producer Yelawolf, but this track is going to change that. You don’t get Eminem on a track like this and not expect people to tune it to it. Millions have already seen the video on Vevo. It is just a matter of time before it hits the Billboard charts and becomes a huge success. People are already buzzing about this, and more buzz is bound to come for this hot single.